MU Career Development Network

About the MU Career Development Network

The MU Career Development Network is a group of faculty and staff on campus committed to helping students with their career development. Individual faculty and staff Career Services Champions have received specialized training in helping students with career-related questions and in preparing them for post-graduation success. The MU Career Center provides training and coordinates this network of professionals dedicated to preparing MU students for lifelong career development.

Benefits of the MU Career Development Network

Members of the MU Career Development Network are visibly identified on campus as Career Services Champions, demonstrating their willingness and ability to help students with career decision-making and preparation.

A multitude of benefits comes with joining the network, including:

  • Training specific to helping students with their career-related needs
  • Access to all training resources
  • Connection to and collaboration with other network members
  • Monthly updates, information, and resources from the MU Career Center
  • First to know about upcoming training and new offerings from MU Career Services offices

Learning outcomes from the training include:

  • Knowledge of MU campus career services
  • Introduction to career development theories and students’ decision making processes
  • Confidence using tools and techniques to discuss lifelong career development and employability
  • Familiarity with career-related resources and information for students
  • Ability to provide appropriate referrals on campus for career-related needs

How to Join – Become a Career Services Champion!

Career Services Champions attend a multi-module training to become a member of the MU Career Development Network. Training is comprised of the following modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Career Services at MU: What we offer, how to access it, and what it all means for students
  • Module 2: Helping Students: Tips & tools for answering students’ career-related questions
  • Module 3: Resources & Referrals: Go-to helpful resources and where to refer for more help

Upcoming Sessions: Register by clicking on the links below.

All sessions will be held in Room 12 of the MU Career Center. You must register for and attend at least TWO sessions to become a Career Services Champion! 

Additional Training

Already attended previously offered Career Advising training sessions or the Career Services Champion initial training and want to learn more? Could only attend one module and need another session to become a Career Services Champion? Participate in one of these additional training sessions offered by the MU Career Center.

Upcoming Sessions: Register by clicking on the links below.

        As a result of participating in this workshop, participants will:

    • Feel confident navigating and explaining Focus2, including the individualized assessments included (Work Interest, Personality Assessment, Values Assessment, Skills Assessment, and Leisure Assessment)
    • Develop knowledge and skills to facilitate an interpretation of Focus2 results with students
    • Identify next steps students can use in their career exploration after taking Focus2, including resources for exploring majors and careers
  • Integrating Career Development in the Curriculum:This workshop will provide faculty with information and options for integrating career development in the classroom, including how to incorporate NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) career readiness competencies. Bring your syllabus for individualized feedback and ideas!

        As a result of participating in this workshop, participants will be            able to:

    • Identify campus resources for career information and collaboration.
    • Define NACE Career Readiness Competencies.
    • Identify NACE resources for incorporating career readiness information and activities in the classroom.
    • Explain how their current course activities and learning objectives translate to career readiness competencies.
    • Develop syllabi language that reflects career readiness competencies.
    • Create classroom activities that integrate career development and career readiness competencies with course learning objectives.
    • Develop reflection activities that help students evaluate career development and progress toward career readiness competencies as a result of their course.
    • Enhance their confidence around discussing career in the classroom.
  • CliftonStrengths Training: This workshop will provide participants with expanded knowledge of CliftonStrengths as well as tools for how to use it with students to enhance their academic/career success. This session is appropriate for varying levels of CliftonStrengths competency! Those who are new to the assessment will get familiar with some of the “basics”, and we will also introduce some new concepts and resources for those who have been using it for a while. Bring (or have accessible) your CliftonStrengths results. Never taken it? Email for a FREE code – just mention that you’ll be attending the CDN Training.

        As a result of participating in this training, participants will:

    • Understand and explain their own talent themes, including how those themes have assisted in past performance
    • Develop awareness of all 34 talent themes, as well as resources for learning more about these talent themes
    • Analyze how their top talent themes can foster success in future experiences
    • Identify ways individuals can invest in and build on natural talents to turn them into strengths
    • Explain how students can use strengths to benefit in their academic and career pursuits


  • MU Career Center New Career Services Staff and Graduate Assistant Training: This training spans 3 full days and has been offered by the MU Career Center for the past several years as a way to provide an introduction to career development and career services at Mizzou. This training was designed specifically for those employees new to career services and graduate assistants who will be helping students with career development, but is also a great refresher for returning staff and faculty! Topics will include all those covered in the Career Services Champion training, as well as training on career and major exploration, assessments (Focus2, CliftonStrengths, card sorts), job search tools (resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, networking), and more! Participants who attend one full day or more will be considered Career Services Champions and receive a certificate, sticker, and access to our Canvas organization filled with resources!
    • Monday, August 5th – Wednesday, August 7th, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

All sessions will be held in Room 12 of the MU Career Center. 

Thank you for your interest in the MU Career Development Network. Please contact Carrie Collier at or 573-882-8574 for more information, requests to schedule departmental training, and other questions about this program.