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About the Network

The MU Career Development Network is a group of faculty and staff on campus committed to helping students with their career development. Individual faculty and staff Career Services Champions have received specialized training in helping students with career-related questions and in preparing them for post-graduation success. The MU Career Center provides training and coordinates this network of professionals dedicated to preparing MU students for lifelong career development. 

Upcoming Training Sessions

New to the CDN? Attend at least two of the following three sessions in Spring 2022 to earn your Career Services Champion sticker, certificate, and access to the CDN network and resources.  

Already a Career Services Champion? Returning champions are invited to attend any or all of the sessions to learn about the latest updates on career development and career readiness and sharpen their skills.  

  • Monday, February 14th – Career Exploration: Learn to Love the Journey!  This session will focus on how faculty, staff, and supervisors can assist students with career and major exploration. Learn techniques to facilitate students’ ability to make lifelong career-related decisions, including how to help them self-reflect, gain experience, and explore majors and careers. As a part of this workshop, you will also be introduced to a variety of tools and resources such as Focus2 and how to help students use them in their exploration and career decision-making process.  
  • Tuesday, February 15th – Career Readiness: Embracing Tips & Tools to Help Students Crush It! We are told that students should be “career ready” when they leave MU, but what does this mean?  This session will help faculty, staff, and student employers learn more about how career services defines “career readiness”. We will feature resources that will familiarize students with career readiness and tools to help them assess and enhance their competencies. We will also share examples and reserve time to brainstorm ideas that instructors and supervisors can use in their classrooms and workplaces.     
  • Wednesday, February 16th – CliftonStrengths for Career Exploration: Helping Students Fall in Love with their Strengths.  Learn how to use CliftonStrengths with students to enhance their academic and career success.  We will go over CliftonStrengths “basics” for those who are new to the assessment as well as really dig into how to use it to help students leverage their talents as they explore majors and careers. Participants who have never taken it can receive a FREE code! 

All sessions will be held on Zoom from 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and will include a 60-minute interactive learning session followed by 30 minutes of consultation with the presenters. 

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Future Career Services Champions Trainings  

We offer ongoing opportunities for our campus colleagues to join the Career Development Network! Check back here to find out when we will once again be offering our general Career Services Champions training, comprised of the following modules:  

  • Module 1: Introduction to Career Services at MU: What we offer, how to access it, and what it all means for students 
  • Module 2: Helping Students: Tips & tools for answering students’ career-related questions 
  • Module 3: Resources & Referrals: Go-to helpful resources and where to refer for more help 

Career Development Network Benefits

Members of the MU Career Development Network are visibly identified on campus as Career Services Champions, demonstrating their willingness and ability to help students with career decision-making and preparation.

A multitude of benefits comes with joining the network, including

  • Training specific to helping students with their career-related needs 
  • Access to all training resources 
  • Connection to and collaboration with other network members 
  • Monthly updates, information, and resources from the MU Career Center 
  • First to know about upcoming training and new offerings from MU Career Services offices 

Learning outcomes from the training include

  • Knowledge of MU campus career services 
  • Familiarity with career-related resources and information for students 
  • Introduction to career development theories and students’ decision-making processes 
  • Confidence using tools and techniques to discuss lifelong career development and employability 
  • Ability to provide appropriate referrals on campus for career-related needs 

Thank you for your interest in the MU Career Development Network. Please contact or 573-882-6801 for more information, requests to schedule departmental training, and other questions about this program.