Presentations and Assignments


The MU Career Center offers the following options for you to request for your class or group:


All presentations are typically designed to be 45 minutes long

CliftonStrengths for Students
CliftonStrengths identifies your top talent themes that can help you to be a successful student, explore career options, and prepare you for your job search. *requires students to take CliftonStrengths assessment. Please see more info below under ASSIGNMENTS.

Resume/Cover Letter
Learn the foundations of writing and refining a resume and cover letter to show off strengths, target and write content, and create a professional look.

A shortened version of both the resume and interviewing presentations, giving the basic information about both important pieces of a student job search.

All the vital info about interviewing is presented in an interactive presentation, including how to get ready, answering common questions, and what to expect from most interviewing situations.

Developing Your Online Image
Find out the basics of using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to not only show your positive side, but also to serve as valuable job search tools.

Values Activity
An interactive game where participants bid on career values, which helps them evaluate critical pieces of a possible future career. Recommended for audiences of 20 or less.


Students can be directed to complete assignments through a virtual consultation with a MU Career Center staff member or online. 

CliftonStrengths Assessment (virtual consultation with MUCC staff) 
Online survey that identifies the student’s top five talent themes and gives language to use in a job search. $15 fee per person

Focus 2 Assessment (virtual consultation with MUCC staff) 
Free online career self-assessment that helps you to explore your interests, values, personality, skills, and leisure activities and how they relate to possible future occupations.

Resume Review (virtual consultation with MUCC staff) 
Send your students to the MU Career Center online with a draft of their resume for review. They will get individualized feedback about the format, content, and style of their document while discussing their strengths and goals.

Interviewing Preparation (virtual consultation with MUCC staff) 
Your students can learn tips on interview techniques or conduct a short mock interview with a Career Specialist.

Big Interview (online software platform) 
Big Interview is Mizzou’s online interview preparation software that provides students the ability to record answers to questions for your review. Email for faculty/staff access.

LinkedIn Profile Review (virtual consultation with MUCC staff) 
A trained Career Specialist will meet with students individually about how to create a compelling LinkedIn profile.