Manage Students

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Students are a core part of our mission at the University. Campus employment offers exceptional advantages for them, including: necessary income, workplace skills, professional development, mentorship and convenience.

Supervisor Resources

Supervisors can play a pivotal role in the satisfaction, success and development of students.  We encourage them to join the Canvas-based Supervisor Toolkit which provides resources connected to each stage of a student employee development timeline, and we welcome ideas for additional resources to keep the modules current.

Encourage Student Development

A great way to keep student employees invested in their work is to provide opportunities for skill attainment that is relevant to the success of your workplaces and their future goals. The learning management system offered by UM System, Percipio, has thousands of courses, books, videos and learning channels that provide opportunities to earn certifications and digital badges that your student employees can add to their LinkedIn profiles and social media platforms. Topics on communication, diversity and inclusion, customer service, time management, and problem solving are just a few examples of training available to you and your student employees.