Manage Students (SEED)

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Students are a core part of our mission at the University. Campus employment offers exceptional advantages for them, including: necessary income, workplace skills, professional development, mentorship and convenience.

Supervisors Encouraging Excellence & Development

Supervisors can play a pivotal role in the satisfaction, retention and development of students.  The MU Career Center created the Supervisors Encouraging Excellence & Development (SEED) web pages to provide information and resources for campus supervisors to enrich the student employment experience.

There is a wide array of resources to help with all aspects of your supervisory role, including: recruitment materials and orientation checklists, employee expectations, ideas for creating a positive work climate, and ways to motivate students. There are also tools to help supervisors provide feedback and performance reviews, as well as guidance and resources regarding disciplinary action.

Supervisors may also access professional development articles and the myLearn library and training site to grow as a professional and enhance their management skills.