Lights. Camera. Awkward? Don’t let Skype Interviews Steal Your Star Power

Hooray! You got an interview! But, plot twist; it’s a Skype interview! So, now you have to interview and add a layer of technology… and you’re going to be completely fine. While people may fear Skype interviews, Skype interviews can have lots of positives. Here is a pro-con list for Skype interviews to help relieve stress.


  • You can interview with organizations that are further away without the travel expenses
  • You can be in your own space
  • You can worry less about eye contact
  • Joking about unpredictable technology can help break the ice
  • Unlike with a phone interview, you get a voice and a face
  • You can have your resume and research within reach


  • Technology can be finicky
  • Communicating through technology can have a learning curve

Like with any interview, if you don’t let your nerves get the best of you and thoroughly prepare, you will be just fine! Here are a few tips for owning your Skype interview.

1) Test your technology: As previously stated, technology can be finicky. That being said, you have a lot of control in the battle of humans vs. computers. Use a computer you trust in an area with reliable Internet. Prior to the interview, Skype your best friend, mom or dog to check your camera and sound. -In case of a technology glitch on your end or the interviewer’s, you can try to anecdotally laugh it off! Do you best to avoid technology failure but if you do find yourself in an awkward moment try to handle it in a way that is light, polite and calm.

2) Check your surroundings: Interview in a professional and clean area in which you are comfortable. Whenever possible, select a space with a neutral background that is quiet and private for your interview. -Prop-tip: Closed study rooms in libraries on campus are great places to have Skype interviews and very easy to reserve!

3) Listen Carefully: It can be easy to overlap with someone when talking via Skype. Listen carefully to your interviewer and wait your turn to speak. A little bit of talking over is bound to happen, but again, be aware, catch yourself and yield the floor to your interviewer.

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