Specialist Spotlight – Amy Schmidt

Meet Career Specialist Supervisor, Amy Schmidt! Amy is a senior Business Marketing major at Mizzou.

How can students utilize winter break for internship and job searching?
The MU Career Center website is a great resource for students over winter break. The cool thing about it is that it has everything you could ever need on it. Students can find information on studying abroad, or see the guides to resumes and cover letters. There are so many resources on anything career related that you could ever want to know.

What is your favorite resource the MUCC offers?
StrengthsQuest is one of my favorites. It’s an important resource because it gives you the the opportunity to learn about yourself, which ultimately helps you to learn about what you want to do. This resource can help students make more specific decisions about their career aspirations and can help in the continuation of their professional growth.

How has gaining experience on campus enhanced your potential job opportunities?
I went to a career fair first semester freshman year, and one of the questions I had for potential employers was what I should be doing now to be a good job candidate in the future. They told me one of the main aspects they look for in a candidate is leadership experience. So with that in mind, I joined organizations I was interested in and applied for leadership opportunities within those organizations after I had been involved for a while. After students gain that experience, they’ll have even more opportunities to obtain leadership roles, gain transferable skills and become a great job candidate.

Do you have any advice for students who are starting their job or internship search?
Try to find meaningful experience based on what is important to you, and what you think will be useful later on. If the experience that you’re gaining is meaningful then you’re going to get a lot more out of it, and you could be presented with a leadership opportunity!

Is there a common phrase you hear daily while working here?
Not one specific phrase, but we work in such a positive atmosphere and customers always have a smile on their face when they leave.

What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on at the Career Center?
Last semester I created the Pinterest page for the MUCC and a lot of people were skeptical that it wouldn’t be professional, but it’s actually so surprising how resourceful Pinterest can be. You can use it for fun, but you can also use it for potential jobs or for ideas on business casual attire.

Why do you love working at the Career Center?
Because everyday is different. It’s just so nice to come to work in between classes. You have the opportunity to make an impact in different customers lives. Even though it may be a small impact, you’re kind of pointing them in the right direction and that adds up over time.

How has the Career Center helped you to reach your goals?
The cool thing about the MUCC is that you can do whatever you want to that correlates with what you want to do after graduate. I found this after joining the marketing team, and also when I became a supervisor. These positions allowed me to gain experience in marketing, and in learning how to manage a group of people productively