Specialist Spotlight – Chelsey Krankeola

Our Specialist Spotlight Series continues with Chelsey Krankeola, a graduate student at Mizzou studying Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Student Affairs.

Why did you choose your major and what do you hope to do with it?
I chose to major in psychology as an undergrad because it had a good introductory background for my major in grad school.  My ultimate endgoal with my major is to work in academic advising, mostly because I love helping students achieve their goals.

How did you go about applying for grad school?
I used to work in the advising office, where upon gaining advice and feedback from fellow faculty members, I narrowed my choices down to four different schools.  I ultimately chose Mizzou in the end because the program has a lot to offer, along with the addition of a good financial package.

Describe the transition from your undergraduate program to graduate school.
Honestly, school came pretty naturally for me throughout my undergrad years.  When I got to grad school, I started panicking due to all the stress.  However, I talked to advisors and told myself that I’ll get through this first semester, and here I am today [laughs].

How do graduate students utilize the career center differently from undergraduate students?
Graduate students ask for more help on their cover letters rather than their resumes, since more positions that require a graduate degree require cover letters.  There are also more graduate students that look for assistantships, and they utilize the career center for their resources and financial advice.

What led you to become a career specialist?
I got accepted to the master’s program here at Mizzou, which has a program where students can interview for assistantships.  I chose the career center because it seemed applicable to my future career.  I’m really thankful to be here because I get to help students one-on-one achieve their career goals.

How has working for the MU Career Center benefited you in preparing for your career?
Aside from the one-on-one interaction between career specialists and students, I also got the opportunity to teach a career exploration class to undergraduate students, which ultimately built upon my skills as an advisor in the future.