Specialist Spotlight – Jonathan Hambacker

We continue our Specialist Spotlight Series with Jonathan Hambacker! Jonathan is a senior at Mizzou, majoring in Journalism and Psychology.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job? 
The most rewarding aspect of working here at the MU Career Center is the opportunity to work with individuals and to hear the stories of the customers that come in. A lot of jobs are monotonous or routine, and there is a human element to this position that makes every interaction unique.

How do students benefit from their interaction with a Career Specialist?
I think first and foremost it helps them get a lot of confidence, whether that is getting a mock interview, or working with a professional document such as a resume or cover letter. We are really just a starting point that to help instill confidence in them. I encourage people to do their own research and be confident in their documents. It is really just a starting point for their career and major exploration.

Why do you love working at the Career Center?
I love working at the Career Center because of the community that the professional staff establishes, as well as the autonomy and flexibility that the para-professional staff has that I am able to work alongside. We are known as the friendly people, and we are able to mesh well. There is always a positive energy when working here, so even when things aren’t going well, this is the one place where things are always positive and constant.

What is your dream job and how did you know that was what you wanted to do?
My dream job is to work for the FBI. I think the reason for that it is allows me to use the interpersonal skills and interactions that we master here, whether working with customers one on one or in a group. With Federal law enforcement I think I could make a difference and use my experiences here in an intense competitive environment to bring justice. It makes me feel accomplished. Another idea that I had is to own a career development center for veterans. To help service members utilize the very positive skills they get through service and then helping integrate them in the community with the skills they receive.

What advice do you have for students wanting to get career related experience on campus?
Leveraging the connections they develop in the classroom with professions. Internships that align with their interests, journalism school the Missouri method, diving in head first. Just go out and do it, break those barriers of comfort and then actually make a difference in the real world. Some internships that others have had said If Every day is a little uncomfortable, but I know that I am growing.

You play a big part in the Mock Interview team here at the MU Career Center, how do you think this helps students get experience?
It goes back to the confidence thing. Helps students get the nerves out. Don’t stop researching about it, it is a process. There are so many tips, get lots of mock interview. From a freshman to a PHD candidate it helps get some of the nerves out and help with nonverbal as well as idiosyncrasies.

How has working here at the MU Career Center helped you find experiences to supplement your career choice?
People that I work with, as much as you would find in a lot of environments. There are people here that are integrated all of campus. Meeting the people and interacting with the people is what helped most.