Specialist Spotlight – Nick DeMatteo

Meet Career Specialist, Nick DeMatteo! Nick is a sophomore Finance major at Mizzou.

How do you prepare for potential career opportunities through communication?
In terms of communication, I work on my professional development for 40 minutes to an hour a night. Just in case an opportunity with a potential employer does come up, I’m prepared.I’m on Linkedin two or three times a day, and I’ve been working on my resume 30 minutes a night to make sure that I’m prepared – kind of treating it like a homework assignment.

How would you describe the environment of the MUCC?
It’s very family based, everyone is co-workers but also friends with each other. This makes it easy to work with customers because you know so much about your co-workers and their strengths so you can provide the best service.

How would you describe your job in one word?
Exciting – I’m always excited to be at the MUCC . When students come in it’s always a different story or for a different reason so I’m excited to work with them.

What have you gained from working at the Career Center?
The job gives back what you put into it. I’ve gained a better appreciation for helping others and have learned more about myself through the diverse experiences I’ve had with students.

What has been your favorite project while working at the MUCC?
Over the summer, I helped redo the mock interview database, and was in charge of reaching out to new student orgs. It helped me learn more about Mizzou and what different organizations can offer.