Specialist Spotlight – Nick Hathaway

Meet Career Specialist Supervisor, Nick Hathaway! Nick is a senior Journalism major at Mizzou.

How have your career goals changed since freshman year?
They have exponentially changed. I’m a very adaptable and go with the flow person, and I was very undecided at first coming into college. I originally wanted to go to the Chicago Art Institute, and at the last second I decided to go to Mizzou. I fell in love with the environment at Mizzou, declared Art as my major, and then slowly started shifting from Art to Journalism. Writing was my worst subject, but I felt challenged and stimulated by all the learning that I had never been exposed to before.

What’s your favorite resource that the MUCC offers?
So many people come in thinking they need to take an assessment. But one of the biggest tools is just having a conversation before going into the resources. Sometimes students want an immediate report on what they need to do, but so much can come out of just having a conversation with a Career Specialist to explore their interests. However, some of my favorite resources that don’t get utilized as much are the books we have on going abroad and the contact information about going abroad and teaching abroad.

How has the career center helped you to achieve your goals?
The resources offered here have helped me so much. Before coming to the MUCC, teaching abroad was something I had never heard of, and then I ended up going to Korea to teach English. When I first started college, I would have thought working at a career center would be boring. But now I know that you make such an impact with students working here. There is an amazing energy that this place brings from the faculty and staff to the students coming in.

What excites you about your future career?
I’m excited about the journey. I have a very connected view that what I’m doing now will take me to the next step, and then what I learn there will take me to the next step and so on. I’m thinking about applying to law school, and I want to become more globally educated.