Step In through LinkedIn: It’s More Powerful than you Think

You may not believe it (neither did I up till this past winter break), but every single day, LinkedIn users manage to land their dream jobs through this powerful professional online platform.

They obtain job opening information from their LinkedIn contacts’ posts; they browse the “Job” page on the website to find out about available jobs that are relevant to their interests and expertise; they build connections with potential employers to turn the “hard leads” into “soft leads.”

Among all these benefits of being active members on LinkedIn, the most amazing of all is that LinkedIn users were constantly approached online by recruiters. These recruiters actively search for qualified candidates online, just like job seekers looking for an ideal job.

Couple months ago, a student who came in to the Career Center for a mock interview shared her story with me about being approached by a company on LinkedIn just four days after she created her LinkedIn profile. The recruiter expressed his strong interest in hiring her as a summer intern and suggested her to submit the application. She was indeed looking for something to do during summer, and this opportunity, as she herself put it, “was just perfect.”

She did not personally know the recruiter who reached out to her, nor has she worked for this company before. She told me that she thought it was the well-presented online image on her LinkedIn profile that caught the recruiter’s attention.

This may not seem to be a big deal, but during the competitive recruiting process, a personal message from the recruiter is quite significant. It not only shows that s/he confirms your past experiences and recognizes your capability of doing the job well, but it also means that recruiters will remember your name and your face, which makes you stand out from the rest of your fellow applicants, and that sometimes can just get you the job you want.

After hearing about the young lady’s story, I was somewhat in doubt about how frequent these recruiters actually use LinkedIn since I never had similar experience. It was early January when I logged into my LinkedIn profile and noticed an in-site message from a recruiter of a Fortune 100 company. She introduced me to a summer internship program of her company that highly matched my skill sets and interests, and she encouraged me to fill out an application. A summer internship, exactly what I needed!

I am right now in the process of applying for this internship, and I know that if I were not to have a LinkedIn profile, I would have most likely browsed thousands of internships online without ever acknowledging this great opportunity. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, then you should definitely work on that LinkedIn profile as well. It is your pathway to a broader job market and may also be the start of your future career.