Student Appreciation Week, April 12-18

Whether it is for work study or just to earn some extra cash, working on campus can be beneficial in many ways: employers are willing to work around your hectic class schedule and on-campus locations can be more convenient. However, despite no longer being on campus with all these benefits, many students are still continuing to work above and beyond in their campus jobs through remote hours.

As a way to show their appreciation for all the hard work students do, Mizzou is celebrating Student Appreciation Week with three virtual events designed with the student in mind. The first of the three, which will be held on April 14th, from 2-3pm, is a mindfulness workshop that will discuss ways to manage stress, and a thirty-minute yoga (or nap) session is included!

The second, which will be held on April 14th, from 4-5pm, is about budgeting. The Office for Financial Success will be giving advice on creating a financial plan and getting a hold on your money.

Last but not least is a stress management workshop that will be held on April 17th from 12-1pm. This workshop will help you identify adaptive strategies for stress management, conduct a self-care assessment for daily and emergency needs, and develop a daily self-care plan.

All workshops will be held on zoom, so we ask that you please RSVP using this link,, where you can also find more information about each session.