Student Employee Shout-Outs

Mercedes Moravec

Mercedes Moravec, Student Clerical for Peds Ortho

Nominated by Niki Buckler: “When we first hired Mercedes we realized how lucky we were to have a student so passionate and eager to work on the Peds team. We

Ellie Prosperi

Ellie Prosperi, Orthopaedic Healthcare Assistant for Orthopaedic Surgery

Nominated by Ellen Hummert: “Over just a year with our division, Ellie has made herself an asset to the joint replacement team

Emily Otto

Emily Otto, Orthopaedic Healthcare Assistant for Orthopaedic Surgery

Nominated by Ellen Hummert: “We are very glad to have Emily on our team!” 

Meghan Kintner

Meghan Kintner, Student Clerical for Orthopaedic Trauma

Nominated by Kristen Stevens: “Meghan has recently joined our Ortho Trauma team and we would like to show her appreciation for all

Emma Boatman

Emma Boatman, Facility Lead for MizzouRec

Nominated by Catey Trout: “Emma is an amazing facility lead. Emma is

Josie Ihnat

Josie Ihnat, Research Assistant for Family and Community Medicine

Nominated by Ginny Chadwick: “Josie has been an amazingly dedicated student in helping advance the Missouri Eliminate Tobacco Use Initiative projects.  She

Adam Klumb

Adam Klumb, Barista at Southwest Starbucks for Campus Dining Services

Nominated by Rachel Solverud: “Adam is an essential part to the well-oiled machine that is the Southwest Starbucks. He makes sure everyone

Berkley Chavis

Berkley Chavis, Equine Assistant Technician for VMS Equine

Nominated by Jane Ebben: “Berkley has proven herself to be reliably independent and trustworthy with our patients.

JaMya Dean

JaMya Dean, Tobacco Ambassador for Student Health and Well-Being

Nominated by Michelle McDowell: “JaMya is the Tobacco Ambassador team lead.  She has consistently put herself

Emma Knopik

Emma Knopik, Administrative Student Assistant for Art History and Archaeology

Nominated by Jennifer Schneider: “Emma excels in her position because she is an excellent communicator and naturally inquisitive. She is flexible, preforming

John Borgmeyer

John Borgmeyer, Student Assistant for Division of Information Technology

Nominated by Mark McKenzie: “John has been a fantastic addition to our busy office with his calm and professional demeanor.  He has

Clare Harmon

Clare Harmon, Resident Adviser for Residential Life

Nominated by Caitlyn Hurley: “Clare is so dedicated, mature, thoughtful and kind, which helps her thrive in her role as an RA.

Paige Kovnesky

Paige Kovnesky, Student Clerical for Orthopaedic Trauma

Nominated by Kristen Stevens: “Paige has been a huge asset to our ortho trauma team! She’s always willing to pick up extra

Camila Leiva

Camila Leiva, Student Assistant for International Admissions

Nominated by Shannon O’Hagan: “Camila manages the social media accounts for International Admissions and connects with future Tigers as an international student

Alexia Smith

Alexia Smith, Resident Advisor for Residential Life

Nominated by Dionte’ Boyd: “Alexia is a hard worker and attentive staff member. She takes her job seriously, making it easy and

Lauren Schoen

Lauren Schoen, Manager at Baja Grill for Campus Dining Services

Nominated by James Collier: “Lauren is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. All of us at Baja rely on

Charlie Dake

Charlie Dake, Student Assistant for Division of Applied Social Sciences

Nominated by Hannah McClure: “Charlie Dake, a freshman from Illinois, joined our team in Fall 2020. He was eager to learn about

Aimie Brendel

Aimie Brendel, Communications Intern for the MU Climate Center

Nominated by Ashley Craft: “Aimie is a great go-getter to have on our team this fall! She’s laying out a variety of communications efforts to promote MU Extension and the MU

Adriene Aubuchon

Adriene Aubuchon, Communications Intern for MU Agriculture and Environment Extension

Nominated by Ashley Craft: “Adriene has hit the ground running this semester as our communications intern! From sorting and organizing our A&E Extension photo library to editing timely materials, she has

Madison Knight

Madison Knight, Student Assistant for MU Research Reactor

Nominated by Michael D. Glascock, “Madison E. Knight is working in two labs: the Archaeometry Lab at MURR and Plant Sciences Lab in Biological Sciences. After graduation, she

Natalie Gray

Natalie Gray, Student Assistant for Advancement

Nominated by Susan Tapia, “Natalie can accomplish any task given to her, and always with a great attitude and smile. We depend on her for many things because she’s so efficient

Sevanna Rowland

Sevanna Rowland, Office Support Assistant for College of Business

Nominated by Leilani Tiefenthaler, “Sevanna continues to bring her best and all to support her fellow students and Advising team. We are always busy in our office especially during Early Registration.

Maddie Kaiser

Maddie Kaiser, Student Assistant for Mizzou Alumni Association

Nominated by Cassie Reeser, “We’re so fortunate to have Maddie back with our team again this year! She’s a joy to have on our team and has intimate knowledge of the

Liz Flippin

Liz Flippin, Student Assistant in The Bridge for Student Success & Academic Affairs, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Nominated by Theresa Solis Metz, “Liz is invested in the mission and aims of The Bridge. I appreciate her willingness to go above and beyond with coordinating the administrative aspects of

Addisyn Henley

Addisyn Henley, Data Entry and Customer Service Software Sales for Div. of Technology

Nominated by Mary Fasciotti, “Addisyn is a very reliable and

Chloe Dobson

Chloe Dobson, Event and Facilities Frontline for MizzouRec

Nominated by Samantha Cohen, “Chloe is a hard worker and is always looking to help pick up shifts. She is genuine and is a delight to work with.”…

Ben Belongy

Ben Belongy, Student Assistant for Mizzou Engineering Career Services

Nominated by Nicole Fickel, “Ben Belongy has been instrumental in helping our office track our employer engagements and preparing employer engagement reports. He also went above and beyond to help us

Anna Foster

Anna Foster, Student Employee for Mizzou Alumni Association

Nominated by James Saltat, “Anna has the natural ability on knowing what needs to be done before even being

Jacob Rissman

Jacob Rissman, Team Mizzou Frontline for MizzouRec

Nominated by Barbara Wilson, “Jacob has worked tirelessly in the last 6 weeks helping to train 95 new employees, sometimes two or three at a time, to the level of acceptance for

Heather Miller

Heather Miller, Research Assistant for Psychological Sciences

Nominated by Lara Nugent, “We love having Heather on our research team! Give her a challenge, and she will make it happen, no matter what twists and turns come her way.

Moses Farr

Moses Farr, Student Assistant for Mizzou Engineering

Nominated by Nicole Fickel, “Moses Farr always goes the extra mile to help out our office. He is very loyal and committed to ensuring that our career fairs are always a success. For the Fall 2020 Virtual Career Fair, Moses took the lead with helping our students learn the virtual career fair platform.…

Alexis Harris

Alexis Harris, Student Assistant for Mizzou Engineering Career Services

Nominated by Nicole Fickel, “Lexie Harris always goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is always willing to help out the team with any projects/tasks that are needed to be completed. She has really been instrumental in reviewing student resumes…

Lexie Chirpich

Lexie Chirpich, Event Ambassador for MizzouRec

Nominated by Samantha Cohen, “Lexie has been a hardworker since the day I met her. She is always willing to adjust her schedule to cover shifts, comes in with a smile, and has great leadership potential.”…

Hudson Walsh

Hudson Walsh, Event Ambassador for MizzouRec

Nominated by Samantha Cohen, “Hudson is a great worker and leader. He has spent the majority of his college career working events at the Rec

Taylor Estraca

Taylor Estraca, Student Programming Assistant for TRIO Student Support Services

Nominated by Lisa Scheese, “Taylor is an exceptional student staff member who goes above and beyond to ensure student’s needs are being met.  She is able to complete tasks with very little direction and with a positive attitude.”…

Roman Leapheart

Roman Leapheart, Student Assistant in The Bridge for Student Success & Academic Affairs | Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Nominated by Theresa Solis Metz, “Roman demonstrated initiative and ambition prior to the start of his freshman year when he contacted The

Daniella Reyes

Daniella Reyes, Involvement Ambassador for Dean of Students

Nominated by Kenna Cornelius, “Daniella kick-started her role as an Involvement Ambassador by working remotely on projects this summer. Early on, it was evident that Daniella was someone who would bring

Jack Rintoul

Jack Rintoul, Communications Intern for School of Law

Nominated by Karen Neylon, “Jack’s photography, video and graphic design skills help to polish the public face of the Law school on

Profile of Justin Colley

Justin Colley, Student Assistant Paraprofessional for HES Extension

Nominated by Terri Mielke, “Justin Colley is someone I can count on to complete a job and do it well. He goes above and beyond, and when he sees something to be done, he steps in and does it. He…

Profile of Libby Cunningham

Libby Cunningham, Student Assistant for Family Medicine

Nominated by Gina Silvey, “Libby is such a pleasure to have in our department.  She is so organized and efficient, yet fun and creative.  We have the best bulletin boards in the School of Medicine.  We give her a theme…

Profile of Maria Patino-Carranza

Maria Patino Carranza, Student Assistant for Engineering Career Services

Nominated by Nicole Fickel, “Maria Patino Carranza has strong analytical skills and helps our office track and prepare outcome measurement reports of our programs and the Fall 2020 Virtual Career Fair. Her ability to analyze data and prepare executive summaries…

Profile of Stephanie Murray

Stephanie Murray, Graduate Assistant for DHS Office of Experiential Learning

Nominated by Emily Mahler, “COVID-19 affected our internship program and altered many student experiences/searches. Stephanie instantaneously began developing strategies and systems to communicate with both students and their sites, track and document all changes and most importantly support students.…

Profile photo of Deandra Butler

Deandra Butler, Senior Event Specialist for MizzouRec

Nominated by Samantha Cohen: “Dee is just such a diligent worker. She is always prepared and takes time out of her day to pick up slack when needed.”…