Study Abroad in Nagasaki

Want to see new places? Try new things? Meet new people? If you answered “yes” to the previous questions, then study abroad might be just the thing for you!

This last fall I was fortunate enough to live in Nagasaki, Japan for four months studying International Business and Japanese language. In my time there I lived with a family and got to experience life in a whole new way. While language caused some barriers, the interaction I had with them opened my eyes to a completely different culture. My school, while much smaller than Mizzou, allowed me to meet and befriend with multiple foreign students (both Japanese and other) and share our similarities and differences.

It was scary and amazing, full of adventures I never would have imagined taking when I started my journey as a Tiger. If I learned anything from those four months, it’s that I really can figure out anything. As a sophomore, the whole “adult” thing is still something I’m getting used to. Calling Mom and Dad to help whenever I had a problem was a no brainer during my freshman year, but when you’re in a foreign country it’s a whole new ball game. I grew up a lot in those four months, and in the best way. After managing to take care of myself for four months, I feel much more confident and prepared for the world.

It took me a while to adjust to living in a foreign country, and some days I just wanted to walk into Subway and order a sandwich in English, but for every day like that was a week of amazing experiences. Now, back at Mizzou, I see our diverse community in a whole new way, and being gone for so long makes me even more excited to jump back in and get involved. Yes, I got lost on campus my first day back, but life is full of changes and adapting to those changes. And studying abroad was one of the best changes I’ve ever had.

Think you might be interested in studying abroad? Mizzou has so many opportunities! Find out more at the Study Abroad & Financing 101 sessions held every day. If you already know you’re going abroad, learn how to make the most of your experience, like I did by checking out our Career Opportunities While Studying Abroad information.