Summer Jobs Galore!

Here we go again! Time to get on that summer job train. There are so many options available for summer jobs, but first, we need to answer some very important questions:

1. Where do you want to be?- Do you want to go live with family? Maybe go back to your hometown? Or would you like to stay in Columbia? Do you want to be outside of the US or in another state? Deciding on your ideal location is a great starting place.

  • Tip:  If you’re getting residency, it’s very important to stay in Columbia or somewhere else in Missouri.
  • Tip:  Some internships offer housing. So, don’t be afraid to look a little further away from home!
  • Tip: Not feeling the US this summer? Check out the study abroad options offered by your college. Some of these options even include internships.

2. Part time? Full-time? Internship? Paid? Unpaid?– Sometimes in life, we cannot afford to take on an unpaid internship, but in other situations, it is a great option to gain needed experience. You can narrow your job/internship search by the number of hours you hope to work and the amount you want/need to be paid.

3. Do you want to find a job or internship in your field or do you want to try something else?– Is there a topic outside of what you’re studying that you want to explore? Is there a topic within your field of study that you want to explore? Summer is a great time to gain real-life experience in the field that is currently catching your eye.

4. When do you apply?– So, you’ve found a job that is super interesting and you’re ready to apply. Boost your application by coming to the Career Center to get your resume and cover letter reviewed!

5. Is it summer yet?– Enjoy the warmth and get that experience!