Take a Risk!

The start of each year often focuses on resolutions but at the Career Center we are encouraged by the idea of taking (small) risks. Doing something new can lead you to cool people, places, and experiences that you never might have known!  And by doing something a little out-of-the-ordinary or even scary, you will definitely challenge yourself, gain new skills, and build confidence.  Here are a few “risks” to consider this semester:

Join a new club/program  

Join a group that sounds fun, maybe has a cause you care about or might be good for your career plans. Student orgs are great ways to meet people and to get involved on campus. The risk part is joining a group where you don’t know anyone or maybe taking on a leadership role for the first time!

Socialize with new people

Can you ever have too many friends? In all seriousness this is a big campus and we have lots of interesting people. So increase that circle of friends to some new acquaintances. Be intentional about finding people who look or act different than you. It can be fun to learn about others, whether that’s a major, hobby, state or country or that differs from your own. Take the time to meet new people – because you will be doing it all of your life!

Go abroad

There are so many opportunities to travel, volunteer and study abroad. Immersing yourself in a new culture is an amazing opportunity to reflect and grow as a person. Mizzou offers so many options from one-week trips, to semesters abroad to international service opportunities over breaks. Traveling abroad is far more expensive and challenging when you have to do the planning yourself, so take advantage of these amazing opportunities.

Take an interesting elective

Don’t do the “ususal” stuff. Chart your own academic course by taking interesting classes like The Superhero in American Culture or Scuba Theory (and yes, those are real classes). College is such a unique opportunity to learn about hundreds of disciplines and subjects from experts in the field. Don’t waste this chance – read up on classes and get ready to pre-register this spring!

Taking calculated risks can really pay off! They can enrich your life and help you find meaningful new people and experiences that can open you up to a new world of possibilities.