The Road Less Traveled

I grew up in an intellectual family, where my grandfather is a Chinese literature scholar, my dad is a professor and my mom is a journal editor and Russian translator. Business was never a topic in my life and it had never been a career I’ve considered.

As I was interested in science and sociology, I had an undergraduate degree in biotechnology and a graduate degree in journalism. However, upon graduation, I still hadn’t found any of the careers associated with my majors attractive. Being indecisive about my career when I would soon have a graduate degree in journalism was the worst situation I’ve experienced in my life. All the self-doubt came along with the pressure from my family and peers.

However, the story didn’t end here. When I was finishing up my graduate degree in the journalism school, I started a photography business to utilize my free time and my photography skills learned in the J-school. I established my own website and Facebook fan page from scratch. I volunteered to take photos for friends and friends’ friends to build up my portfolio. I bought books and video tutorials on how to start a photography business to learn the basics. I even used Facebook Ad campaigns to bring more people to my page.

This whole starting-my-business idea has taken me so far away from what I was used to and what I thought I should be doing. At the same time, I was totally excited. I noticed that what I really want to do is business and especially starting a business. One thing attracts me most in doing business is the connection with other people. By doing the photography business, I’ve made connections to so many people I would not normally talk to.

After realizing what I really want to do with my career, I applied and have been accepted by the MBA program of MU. It has been a great program for me to craft my business skills while finding opportunities for my career. This time I know I am prepared.

I may have a much more different career path and mix of education than other students but I’m not the only one. And if you are still confused about what you want to do, it’s always better to try those things you’ve thought about rather than sit and wait. Some people start their career earlier but some tend to find their real career later in their life. The general advice is never stop exploring the things you want to do before you find it!