Top 6 Things to Be a Virtual Interview Success


A lot of things have changed during this time, but job seekers are still on the hunt for stand-out employees like you! Although the process is a little different, virtual career fairs are essentially the same as in-person career fairs and we want to share 6 tips to help you be successful. With just a few tweaks to your normal routine, you can navigate the online career fair with ease.

1. Register in advance. Be sure you are keeping up with dates and deadlines. Check your email frequently and follow the directions carefully to ensure your name is in the system.

2. Upload your resume to the site. Most virtual career fairs have a place for you to upload your resume. This way, employers can easily find it during or after their conversation with you.

3. Test your computer audio and video. This is so important and fairly simple. Show employers you have thought ahead by making sure they can both hear and see you on screen.

4. Be in a calm, quiet, well-lit and distraction-free space. Unlike an actual career fair, you will most likely be in the comfort of your own home. Be sure you are aware of sounds and what you are displaying in the background because these things could unintentionally affect their first impression of you. Try calling a friend first before you join the virtual career fair!

5. Practice good communication skills. Be a good listener and don’t interrupt. We all know that awkward feeling of talking with someone on Facetime and not quite knowing whose turn it is to speak. You both start talking at the same time, then you both stop talking and it gets all kinds of weird. Slow down, listen and wait a couple seconds after you think the employer might be done talking. Show them you are listening with head nods and smiles.
6. Be aware of your non-verbals. This is not something to stress over but remind yourself before you jump in the virtual space to look at your camera, not yourself. Be aware of your facial expressions and sit up straight.

You are sure to make a lasting impact with these virtual career fair tips. Remember, be yourself, these are just conversations. Like usual, double check that resume and dress nicely, prepare questions and follow-up. You are going to do so well. If you are looking for more information, we have found these resources to be helpful as well.

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