Train Like a Pro

In  the midst of Stanley Cup it’s easy to get caught up in idolizing the incredible athletes that grace our televisions each week.  What we often forget is that they are humans too and that they have career troubles just like us. Professional athletes often have trouble transitioning into careers after their time on the ice, field, track, etc. is up. In the past few years professional sport leagues have developed programs to help their athletes develop post-competition career skills. I took a look at some of these programs and thought I would show you how you can train your career skills like a professional athlete.

The NHL Players’ Association created a Core Development Program in which athletes can take assessments to help uncover interests and strengths they may want to use in a future career. You can come into the Career Center any day to take any of the many assessments we offer and receive individualized assistance from a career specialist to interpret your results.

The MLB hires former players to engage in internships for baseball operations and partners with companies to find job opportunities for players. Here at the Career Center, you can search through Handshake, a platform of job and internship opportunities at companies which have specifically connected with Mizzou to find employees.

The NFL Players’ Association partners with career transition experts so that players can practice and refine their interview skills. Through our Career Center, you can practice interview skills with Big Interview, a resource that allows you to answer common interview questions, record your practice, and get feedback on your skills.

At the Career Center you can even take it a step further than the pros and meet one-on-one with  career counselors for FREE during the fall and spring semesters.  Remember, even those incredible athletes you see scoring goal after goal need help with their career development. We are here to help you train your career skills like a pro.