Using Technology to Find your Career “Fit”

In career services we often talk about how college students and recent graduates need to find the right “fit”: A career where your unique skills, experiences, interests and values closely match with that of your position and hiring organization.

There’s no easy way to discern “fit” but LinkedIn is doing it’s part to help job candidates find their ideal employer match.  In an effort to help applicants evaluate positions on LinkedIn, they now offer a new feature – How You Match.

On the right-hand side of the page you will see the How You Match feature with a checklist of qualifications such as education, skills, years of experience, etc.


To take advantage of this feature it’s critical that your profile is up-to-date!  Make sure your skills have been refreshed, your current location and role are included, and your education and accomplishments are current. The technology can only assist you with the information you provide so it’s important you keep your profile updated and you continue to broaden your skills,  knowledge and experience to be more attractive to potential employers!

So let LinkedIn help you play “career matchmaker” and use the How You Match feature to evaluate the kinds of jobs for which you are best suited!