Weaving Your Network

“The question is not “How do you network?” but “When are you not networking?”. The answer to the latter is “You are not networking when you are sitting in an empty room by yourself disconnected from the rest of the world.” Having time to be disconnected is great but for the times when you are amongst other people, I challenge you to pay attention to with whom you network. You never know where your next opportunity could come from… or whom it could come from.

Networking is this broad slightly vague term Google defines as “interact[ing] with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career.”

However, I think it is easier to think about networking as making a connection and a friend. When you network, you want to find out what you have in common with someone and communicate how you can help that person and/or what role you can play in that person’s business or organization. Most importantly, you want to make a positive and memorable impression on your new contact.

Just like a friendship, networking contacts take maintenance and continued connection. This is where social networks like Linkedin come into play. A message to keep in contact and remind someone of who you are can be a very nice touch.

So stop reading this post and go out and make a friend. Who knows, he or she just might hire you one day.