Why Mentorship Matters

This Fall, Mizzou launched the Mizzou Mentorship Program, and its purpose is to provide students with mentors to help them reach their full potential. Through this program, mentors will have a positive and supportive relationship with their mentees where they share knowledge, skills, and life experiences. Mentors are a great way to help you plan ahead for your future and sort out your career goals.
What mentors do: Mizzou alumni and friends, who will be mentors to the students, are there to listen to their mentees and ask questions to challenge traditional ways of thinking in order to bring their mentees outside of their comfort zone. By doing this, mentors introduce different perspectives for the mentee to explore, which in turn will lead them to gain more skills and experience. In addition, mentors are also there to prepare mentees for professional careers and skills in the workplace through constructive feedback while also providing support and guidance. Importantly, they also remind their mentees that they are not alone in their day-to-day challenges. With this consistent presence in their lives, mentees will be reminded that they can accomplish whatever challenge comes their way, making them more apt to achieving positive outcomes.
The impact of having a mentor is substantial, leading mentees to achieve more positive outcomes within their life. A study published by MDRC shows how after a mentoring program, mentees reported a reduction in depressive symptoms, greater acceptance by peers, and more positive beliefs about their ability to succeed in school. These findings show that mentees will leave a mentoring relationship with a better outlook on themselves and their abilities, thus making them more confident to pursue new goals and face different challenges with optimism.
For these reasons and more, the availability of having a mentor is something that all students should be taking advantage of. If you would like to learn more about the Mizzou Mentorship program and what it entails, please visit https://mizzou.xinspire.com/programs/mizzou.