Work at the Career Center: Play to Your Strengths!

New to campus? Been here for a while? Love working on resumes? Don’t know anything about resumes? Want to help people? Need a job? Keep reading.

The MU Career Center is looking to hire new Career Specialists! We are looking for people who are freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors (with at least three semesters left), short, tall, introverts, extraverts, all majors, all interests- you get the idea.

As a bias MUCC employee, the Career Center is a fantastic place to work. Not only does working at the MUCC provide employees with a paycheck, it provides employees with countless opportunities to expand their resumes and prepare for their own futures. And that’s just the technical stuff.

Ask a Career Center employee what his or her favorite thing about working at the Career Center is and I can almost guarantee the employee will say “our staff.”

The Career Center staff is made up of a tightknit community of undergraduate and graduate level employees who work under a team of wonderful bosses.

Career specialists work “on call” hours, helping fellow students with resumes, cover letters, career/major exploration, personal assessments, interviews etc. Career specialists also have the chance to join various Career Center “teams.” These teams do everything from administering mock interviews to giving presentations to helping with surveys to writing for the MUCC blog (oh, hey!).

Again, I am a bias MUCC employee. I began my experience with the MUCC a year ago when I participated in the selection process. Even during my first interview, I was amazed by how welcomed I felt. I completed my formal training with the Career Center last spring and cannot tell you how many ways I benefitted from that training, even as a rising senior. I could go on and on but you probably get the point, I love my job and urge you to apply.

So, here’s what you really want to know- How do you apply?

We are currently hosting information sessions that describe the job in further detail and provide potential applicants with the materials necessary apply.

Info Session Dates: Thursday Sept. 10 and Monday Sept. 14

All Sessions will be held in the MU Career Center from 5-6pm, on the lower level of the Student Success Center.

For more Information, stop by the MU Career Center, or call (573)882-6801