Incoming Freshmen


If you are wondering how to choose your work study job, you have made it to the right place. Go back to the Work Study Employment page and click on “Student Login.” However, you must have accepted your work study award and sent in all requested financial paperwork to the Office of Financial Aid. Your financial aid folder must have a “Complete” status before you can get an online work study referral. If your status shows “Incomplete”, go to myZou to check the status of your application.

If you are attending Summer Welcome, you may visit the MU Career Center, lower level Student Success Center, for assistance finding a work study position.

Work study employment is viewed as “real” employment here at MU. By being a good employee, you can get related job experience for your resume and letters of recommendation.

Remember, your work study job is excellent to include on a resume. For some tips and samples on resumes and cover letters, refer to our web site.

Community Service Work Study

Community Service Work Study offers students the chance to earn Work Study wages while helping a local non-profit organization. It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about the community in which they live, provide much needed service, and earn Work Study wages while gaining relevant work experience.

If you are a Work Study eligible student who is interested in a Community Service Work Study position, please check out the A Way With Words & Numbers and Jumpstart programs