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The MU Career Center can help you with all of your employment needs whether you are looking for a part-time job, work study position, internship, or full-time job. We can help you access the job search platform, Handshake, find the best resources, and devise search strategies so that you can be successful.

Advertised vs. Hidden Jobs

There are many different ways to discover job openings. While employers advertise some job vacancies, a vast majority (60-80%) goes unadvertised. In order to tap into these “hidden” job opportunities, job seekers need to use less conventional methods that rely on a personal touch.


Select the job search methods you want to use. Find a combination of methods for a diverse approach that rely on both hidden and advertised jobs.

Make a schedule and stick to it. Establish a routine to check your job leads regularly.


Search for employment opportunities. Use the job search methods you have chosen and visit, powered by Handshake, for a list of vacancies.

Research organizations and companies. Google companies, review employer directories, read newspapers and journals, and talk with others about potential leads.

Make your communications personable. If you have the opportunity to visit with an employer in person, take it. If you were encouraged to apply for a position or have a contact that can refer you to the hiring supervisor, mention that person’s name.


Follow-up with employers and contacts. Tenacious job seekers will follow-up with a LinkedIn invitation, email, letter, visit or a phone call. The personal touch is still the most effective way of marketing oneself.

Send thank you notes to whomever you spoke with. This is a forgotten form of job search etiquette. It is a great way to stand out among other candidates and can be the factor that tips the hiring decision in your favor.

Evaluate offers as they come. Remember that when you evaluate job offers, you need to ask yourself if you would truly be happy at this job.