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Top 6 Things to Be a Virtual Interview Success

A lot of things have changed during this time, but job seekers are still on the hunt for stand-out employees like you! Although the process is a little different, virtual career fairs are essentially the same as in-person career fairs…

CliftonStrengths: Communication "The Storyteller"

People with the theme of communication feel they must express themselves, and this expression can take many forms – verbally, artistically, musically, through writing, how one dresses, teaches or even how one tells stories. They want to let people know…

CliftonStrengths: Competition "The Driven"

Competition is rooted in comparison, so for people with the theme of competition, they love to measure their progress against the performance of others. They know, intuitively, how other people are performing and how they measure up.

Introducing "Influencing" Strengths

Every team needs to communicate, both inside and outside the group. No matter your goals, effective communication is essential to achieving them. High-performing teams rely on people with strong Influencing themes because they take charge, speak up and make sure others…