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How to Write a Cover Letter For a Job: 5 Essential Tips

Before you start writing your cover letter, read the job posting carefully. Pay attention to the primary responsibilities, as well as the desired skills and experience for candidates. Keep the posting handy so you can refer back to it while…


Checking Handshake Helped This Freshmen Land 6 Job Offers!

Even in light of the mid-pandemic circumstances college students are facing today, many young job-seekers are still finding ways to start their career journeys. Some are even fielding more offers than they expected while navigating our virtual…


College Students Share Their Opinions on Mental Health at Work

A global pandemic is difficult enough to cope with; combine that with campus closures and economic uncertainty sparked by COVID-19, and you’ve got a seriously scary and confusing year. So when we sent out a recent survey to college students like…


Top 5 Communication Do’s and Top 5 Don’ts to Avoid at Work

What is good workplace etiquette? If you haven’t worked in an office or professional environment before, you’re probably unsure. While it varies from office to office, there are some general guidelines for how to communicate at work. Here are five…