Cover Letters

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Cover letters are a way to tailor your application to employers. It is an opportunity to expand on your experience, detail your reasons for applying, and express your knowledge about the company. Cover letters help you to stand out among other candidates and showcase your communication skills.


  • If possible, address the letter to a specific individual and avoid generic openings such as “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir or Madam”
  • Optionally, you may direct the letter to someone with a specific or general job title, such as “Dear Director of Editorial Services” or “Dear Hiring Committee”


  • Name the specific position to which you are applying and the organization name
  • Indicate where you found the vacancy and state why you are interested in the position and the organization
  • Make sure your introduction is clear, concise, and enthusiastic

Second Section

  • Discuss your relevant qualifications, skills, strengths, and accomplishments, providing examples
  • Include information about how your skills will benefit the company (not how the job will benefit you)
  • Avoid rewriting your resume in paragraph form; highlight and summarize, don’t repeat

 Third Section

  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the company and show the employer you did your research
  • Indicate how the company (mission, goals, work environment, etc.) aligns with your experience, goals, and values
  • Highlight other reasons why you are the right fit


  • State what you will do next and when, such as following up by phone or email
  • You may request an action, such as asking for an interview
  • Include a phrase showing your appreciation for their time and interest
  • Finish with an appropriate closing such as “Sincerely,” “Warm Regards,” or “Yours Respectfully”