Work-Study Employment


Federal Work-Study (FWS) is designed to give part-time employment to undergraduate students who need the income to help meet the costs of their education and to encourage FWS recipients to participate in community service activities.

The University of Missouri Student Financial Aid office determines eligibility and allocates Work-Study funds to students and the MU Career Center develops employment opportunities, refers students to positions, and provides training for students and employers.

At this time, the Work-Study Employment Office has developed a database of 1500 opportunities and referred approximately 600 students to positions. Some of these positions involve community service opportunities.


Work-Study Employment Office
Student Success Center, Room 201H
909 Lowry Mall
Columbia, MO 65211

Phone: 573-884-5977

Our office will not open during Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks

Appointment Hours

If you have questions about work-study employment please contact Rob McDaniels at 573-882 9370 or