Work Study Students


The Work Study Employment site opens to students in May so that they may select positions for the following academic year

Please check your eligibility on myZou to insure that you have been given a Work Study Award and that you have accepted it. If your award is not showing and you think that you should have one, please contact your Financial Aid advisor.

If you choose to search and select a position on your own, please consider choosing one that is related to your chosen major or career choice. Here are some additional guidelines for searching.


In our database, there are approximately 2,000 positions on and off campus and in virtually every department on campus. We recommend that you first search under “Employer” and look at positions in your declared School or College.  You may also perform a keyword search to find positions related to your career plans or other interests.  Keep in mind that there are many more work study positions than students so you have choices.

To choose a position:

  • Click on the Student Login link form the Work Study Employment page
  • Enter your PawPrint and password. If you do not have a password go to
  • Search the employer list or enter keywords to see available positions
  • Once you have settled on a position, click “Accept” and print off the application form

Important information: You may only choose one position, so make sure that you select the one you want before you click on the “Accept” button. Once you have selected a position you can no longer search the database. If you select a position in error, please email the contact person on the Application form and explain and ask to be released from the position.


Many positions will require a resume and interview. We can help you either create a resume or if you have one refine it. Go to to access sample resumes.


Work study employers know that your first priority on this campus is to be a student, so you will not be asked to miss class to work. You and the employer will create a work schedule that works with your class schedule. Please keep in mind that your Work Study job is a real position and you will be expected to work, not study on the job.

Pay and Hours

The minimum per hour pay rate is $7.70 and we anticipate students will work an average of 15 weeks during the semester. To calculate your average hours we will use this formula:

Semester Award Amount ÷ Hourly Pay ÷ 15 Weeks = Average Hours per Week

For example, if you receive a $1200 award ($600 per semester) divide that by the hourly pay ($7.70) and by 15 weeks = approximately 5 hours per week.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free email us at