Work-Study Students


Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a federally subsidized program designed to give part-time employment to undergraduate students who need the income to help meet the costs of post-secondary education. Work-Study jobs can complement your educational program or career goals and will help you gain relevant work experience in a professional setting.

Getting Started

 1. Apply for Federal Work-Study (FWS)

  • File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by MU’s priority deadline of January 1st and indicate on the application that you are interested in being considered for work-study.

2. Receive Notification

  • Student Financial Aid will send you an offer letter notifying you of aid offered, including Federal Work-Study. If you are not offered a work-study award or have questions about eligibility requirements, please contact Student Financial Aid.

3. Accept Work-Study Award in myZou

  • Login to myZou to accept your award and other financial aid offers

4. Login to Work-Study Employment Database

  • Login to Work-Study Employment System:
  • Enter your username and password. (If you do not have a password, please go to
  • Search the ‘employer’ list or enter keywords to see available positions.
  • Click the job number to view the job description.
  • Select one position by clicking ‘Apply Now.’ (Important: You will not be able to look at additional positions once you hit the ‘Apply Now’ button.)
  • The application form will be emailed to you with application instructions.

Please note, you must have a “complete” and “verified” financial aid status in order to login to the work-study employment database. If you do not have login access, please contact Student Financial Aid to inquire about your status.

5. Prepare for Employment

  • Employment Identification Documents: Students must present Employment Eligibility & Identification documents in order to be hired at the University. Only original documents will be accepted, so it’s important to have your identification ready.
  • Direct Deposit: The University requires direct deposit of payroll funds. Please have your bank routing and account numbers ready to share.

6. Start Your Job

  • Access and Complete your New Hire Forms: To complete these forms please review the instructions in your new employee information email from Human Resource Services.
  • Direct Deposit: Your paycheck will be directly deposited into the bank account of your choice. Please have your routing and account numbers ready to share.
  • Complete W-4 form: All MU employees must complete federal and state tax information. If you are unsure how to complete the W-4, please make an appointment with the Office for Financial Success.
  • Attend New Employee Registration: All student employees must present their original, unexpired Employment Eligibility & Identification documents to New Employee Registration by their first day of work.