Types of Work-Study Jobs

At the University of Missouri, there are nearly 1,200 positions offered by a variety of departments. These jobs provide vital learning and work experiences outside of the classroom for students. Students are not required to choose a job within their academic major, but are strongly encouraged to select jobs which will provide them with relevant work experience in a career field they wish to pursue after graduation.

On the work-study site you will see a wide variety of job titles; however, all student positions fall into one of eight broad Human Resource Services categories detailed below:

Student Job Titles

Peer Learning Assistant

Assist student and faculty both inside and outside of the classroom. Provide support for student learning in interactive classroom environment. Assist with facilitating small group interaction and other related activities. 

Student Assistant Clerical

Perform clerical work for the university, usually on a part-time basis which may include a wide range of office/clerical responsibilities. 

Student Assistant Crafts & Service     

Perform manual labor for the university, usually on a part-time basis which may include: food service, warehouse, facility operations, grounds work or general labor.

Student Assistant HealthcareMay perform laboratory or research test, clean area or equipment. Provide customer service, assist with questions. May assist with scheduling appointments or manage calendars in a healthcare setting.
Student Assistant Information Technology

Provide a variety of IT services relating to systems and/or labs which may include troubleshooting system and printer problems; assisting with desktop and server-related issues; software installation and compilation; ensuring compliance with policies; monitoring daily operation of computing labs; and other related responsibilities.

Student Assistant Paraprofessional

Perform a wide range of office responsibilities at a mid-level for the university, usually on a part-time basis.

Student Assistant Research

Perform a variety of support services for the university related to research which may include: assisting with research projects; conducting research related tests; literature searches; data mining; providing laboratory support and monitoring; and other related responsibilities.

Student Assistant Teaching

Provide support to a teaching function for the university which may include: setting up a laboratory; preparing materials for a discussion section; posting materials online; assisting with recording grades; providing support for the administration of a course and classroom instruction; and other related responsibilities.

Student Assistant Technical

Perform technical work for the university, usually on a part-time basis, in a variety of settings which may include: editing, photography and lab related work.

Federal Work-Study in Community Service

Community service work-study positions offer an alternative to traditional on-campus employment by having students earn work-study wages by providing direct services to the local Columbia community. Community service includes opportunities in health care, child care, literacy training, education, welfare, social services, transportation, housing and neighborhood improvement, public safety, crime prevention, recreation, and community improvement.

Selecting a Job 

Once you know that you are eligible for Federal Work-Study and have completed any required paperwork for Student Financial Aid, you may then browse work-study jobs online at https://career.missouri.edu/work study-employment/.

Click on the Student Login button and enter your username and password, and then search through available positions. Keep in mind that you can only select and work in one work-study position at a time. After selecting a job, read the listing carefully for further instructions. You will need to contact a designated person from the office within two days and, in many cases, submit an application or schedule an interview.