Thank you for considering students and alumni at the University of Missouri in your recruitment efforts! We understand the time-consuming nature of recruiting a talented workforce. We are confident that you will find the recruiting options at Mizzou to be valuable resources, whether your recruiting needs are great or small.


Learn critical information about effectively recruiting on the Mizzou campus. With nine career services offices, we will provide you with specialized assistance to reach particular majors.

Why Mizzou?

Review the compelling reasons why Mizzou students and alumni make unique candidates and excellent hires. 

Hire Mizzou Students and Alumni

Whether you are an on-campus employer, a large corporation, small business, or anything in between, we can help meet your hiring needs.

Create Campus Presence

Build your organization's visibility on the Mizzou campus through a number of strategic partnerships and marketing opportunities.

Visit Mizzou Campus

Gather information on travel and lodging to make your visit to Columbia, Missouri a pleasant experience.

CASH Program

The Campus Augmenting Student Hires (CASH) supports student employment by providing matching funds for part-time positions in MU campus departments.

Supervising Student Employees

Supervisors can find tools and materials to enhance the student employee experience and to become better managers