Spring Career Readiness Challenge

Career Readiness Challenge banner

Actively take steps to build and develop skills that are essential to employers and will help you be successful in the professional world. Students who are “career ready” gain a competitive advantage over their peers… so what are you waiting for? Join the challenge and play!  


Students can participate in the Career Readiness Challenge until May 1st.  Prizes must be claimed by May 12th.

Playing the Game 

Complete tasks to earn free Mizzou and Career Center swag!  Students can aim to complete 5 core tasks to be a Career Readiness Rookie or 8 tasks to be a Career Readiness Champion for a premium prize!

For each task, take a screenshot or photo of your completed task and attach images in an email to the MU Career Center: career@missouri.edu. Only submit an email once you have completed ALL TASKS.

Career Readiness Rookie tasks (all required): 

Career Readiness Champion tasks (Complete tasks above and select 3 more options below):


Career Ready Rookie  

The Career Readiness Rookie completes 4 core career challenge tasks to receive a water bottle.

Career Ready Champion  

The Career Readiness Champion completes 5 core career challenge tasks + 3 Above & Beyond tasks to receive a water bottle, sunglasses, and Mizzou Padfolio!

Claim Your Prize

Once you submit an email with proof of your completed career readiness tasks, a staff member will reply back with instructions on how to claim your prize at the Student Success Center. Prizes will be distributed Thursdays and Fridays between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

*NOTE: Limited supplies! Prizes offered until items run out.