Through service to others, students learn valuable lessons in citizenship and develop important personal and professional skills all while helping the community. The Office of Service-Learning focuses on community-based learning and career building through service.  Students can apply their in-class knowledge to real world situations while gaining valuable experience in the field. We offer three different programs:

Cross-Campus Courses are available to students in various majors across campus. Students participate in Community-Engaged courses for credits towards graduation.

The Civic Leaders Internship Program (CLIP) helps students of every major obtain hands-on experience through internships in their community. Internships are through State Government with the all Missouri Delegation: Representatives, Senators, and State-wide elected offices , Congressional Internships in DC and local offices, Non-Profit internships in Columbia and surrounding communities.

Global Service allows students to have Study Abroad opportunities with a focus on service. Countries include:

  • Ireland
  • Thailand
  • Peru
  • Ghana
  • Costa Rica
  • Vietnam

Why Pursue Service-Learning?

Each program is unique and tailored to fit the interests of every student. Mizzou students can gain technical skills for their major while strengthening their network and receiving helpful mentorship and guidance. We offer career readiness in any major while helping you give back to your community!

Get Started

Look for one-time or ongoing volunteer opportunities on MU Serves or contact the Office of Service-Learning about courses and programs of interest.

Promote your Experience

Once you have completed a service-learning program, the MU Career Center can help you share it on your resume, LinkedIn profile and interviews. Begin by viewing our hands-on learning resume samples and visit us to discuss how to communicate your service experience with employers and others.