Study Abroad

Gain a global perspective while earning your Mizzou degree! Study abroad can help you meet your personal, academic and professional goals. While studying abroad, you have the opportunity to attend classes, travel, learn about different cultures, and in many cases, an opportunity to practice language skills. 

  • Over 250 programs to choose from in 50+ countries
  • Programs available for every major
  • Short and long term programs available, ranging from one week to a full academic year 
  • Possibility of experiential learning, such as internships, research or service-learning
  • Study abroad scholarships and financial aid available 

Why Study Abroad?

There are many reasons Mizzou students decide to go abroad – academic, professional, personal or a combination of all three. You will return with:

  • Skills that stand out to employers, such as leadership, communication, adaptability, resilience and cross-cultural competence
  • A global perspective that will allow you to view future experiences in a new way
  • Confidence and independence that comes from immersing yourself in another culture
  • Enhanced cross-cultural communications skills

Get Started

Check out Study Abroad and attend a daily Study Abroad 101 session to learn about programs, the application process, financing, course proposals and more. After the session, schedule an appointment with a study abroad adviser on MU Connect.

Promote your Experience

Once you have completed a study abroad program, the MU Career Center can help you share it on your resume, LinkedIn profile and interviews. Begin by viewing our hands-on learning resume samples and visit us to discuss how to communicate your international experience with employers and others.