Thank You and Follow Up Letters

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Thank You Letters

Thank you letters and emails should be sent to an employer or networking contact after an informational interview, job interview, or receiving any kind of career assistance. You want to show that you are grateful for their time and efforts.

  • Write down the names of each interviewer or ask for business cards
  • Send your thank you within 24 hours either by email or handwritten note. If the employer plans to make a decision quickly, you can do both!
  • The communication can incorporate the following:
    • Reference a part of the interview that stood out or a particular connection you made
    • Give a brief example of how you are a great fit for the position
    • Mention again your interest in the position and show your enthusiasm

Interview Follow Up

It is appropriate for the employer to let you know if and when you might hear something after an interview. If that is not made clear by the end of the interview, please ask about the next steps in the interview process.

If you have not received a response by the given time frame, you may send a brief, professional email about your interview status. Many times this can serve as a polite reminder to show you are still interested and may prompt the employer to respond.

  • You can send one communication if more than a week has passed from the designated response date. Don’t be a nuisance by asking before the stated deadline or by contacting them frequently
  • Mention name of the person who interviewed you, the time and place of the interview, the position for which you are applying, and the general status of the process
  • Keep the email or phone request concise and to the point, but remain interested and grateful for the opportunity.