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Welcome to Mizzou! The MU Career Center is eager to help new Tigers with student employment, career and major exploration and all your career-related questions. We are available for online, phone or email consultations.

You may schedule an appointment on MU Connect or visit our Zoom room for a drop-in consultation between 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.   Learn more about our programs and services and what to expect on the Connect with Our Staff web page. 

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Work-Study Employment

What is Work-Study?

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is designed to give part-time employment to undergraduate and graduate students who need the income to help meet the costs of their education. These jobs provide vital learning and work experiences outside of the classroom for students. Watch this video to learn more.

Who’s eligible for Work-Study?

The Student Financial Aid is responsible for the initial awarding of Federal Work-Study to eligible students. This opportunity is awarded to students who:

How Do I Get Started?

Student Financial Aid will send you an offer letter notifying you of aid offered, including Federal Work-Study. Once your aid package is completed, login to myZou to view and accept your award and other financial aid offers. 

What Kinds of Jobs are Available?

There are hundreds of positions offered by numerous campus departments, each providing vital learning and work experiences outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to select positions which will offer relevant work experience in a career field they wish to pursue after graduation.

On the work-study site, you will see a wide variety of job titles; however, all student positions fall into one of eight broad Human Resource Services categories: Peer Learning Assistant, Student Assistant Clerical, Student Assistant Crafts & Services, Student Assistant Information Technology, Student Assistant Paraprofessional, Student Assistant Research, Student Assistant Teaching and Student Assistant Technical.

There are also community service-based work-study positions that provide tutoring services to children in Columbia. To learn more about these programs and positions, please visit the Jumpstart site. You can also watch this Jumpstart recruitment video.

How Do I Apply for a Work-Study Job?

The MU Career Center helps students identify and find a position that fits their interests.  There are plenty of positions you may choose from, but jobs are selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. We recommend you select a position during the summer before fall semester begins. Students must select a position and earn wages prior to the first week of October to keep their Federal Work-Study award and remain eligible for the next year.

To search for positions, please do the following:

    • Go to
    • Enter your username and password.*  (If you do not have a password, please go to
    • Search the employer list or enter keywords into the job description to see open positions
    • Once you have settled on a position, click “Apply” (Note that you can only accept one position)
    • The application form will be emailed to you with instructions on your next steps.

*Please note, you must have a “complete” and “verified” financial aid status in order to login to the work-study employment database. If you do not have login access, please contact Student Financial Aid to inquire about your status.

How and When Will I Be Paid?  

Once hired into a work-study position, you will submit a timesheet to track hours worked and monies from your work-study award are directly deposited bi-weekly (every other Wednesday) into a bank account of your choice. Your earnings are not credited to your University account. Families which expect students to use portions of their award to pay University expenses must make appropriate arrangements.

For more details on types of jobs, awards, wages and payroll, please visit the Work-Study student web page.

Part-Time Employment

Any student is welcome to search and apply for part-time job and internship opportunities which are available both on campus and in the local Columbia community.  Part-time employment is an excellent way to earn extra income, gain experience, build new skills and cultivate positive references. The MU Career Center can assist students in finding job openings, preparing applications and preparing for job interviews.

Campus Employment

Campus jobs and internships are particularly advantageous because of their convenient location, supportive supervisors, and focus on student development. On-campus positions can be temporary or long-term employment opportunities working for a department in a variety of roles such as customer service, retail, sales, office support and more. Available jobs and internships can be found on the employment website,, powered by Handshake. 

Students interested in a campus job should:

  • Login to HireMizzouTigers, powered by Handshake, to look for part-time jobs on campus. All employment opportunities including part-time jobs, internships and full-time jobs are listed on this site.
  • Join the free, non-credited Navigating Student Employment at Mizzou course that provides resources to assist with finding and preparing for employment.

Off-Campus Jobs

There is a wide variety of jobs available in Columbia at large companies and locally owned businesses. Some require transportation but many are within walking distance of campus. Local employers have come to rely on hiring our talented Mizzou Tigers!

Students interested in off-campus jobs should:

  • Login to HireMizzouTigers, powered by Handshake, to look for part-time jobs off campus. All employment opportunities including part-time jobs, internships and full-time jobs are listed on this site.
  • Network! Many local employers rely on references and referrals for new hires. Review employers in the business directories of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce and The District (Columbia’s downtown business area). Also, talk to peers, faculty and staff for recommendations and job leads.

Preparing for Employment

Most employers will ask for a resume or application as well as an interview. The MU Career Center can assist students with each step of the hiring process whether it’s writing your first resume or doing a mock interview.

  • Develop a college resume: We suggest that all new students create an employment-focused resume that highlights your intended MU degree, high school involvement and achievements, skills and work experience, if any. A strong resume will separate you from the many other applicants vying for the job. To get started, we suggest that all incoming freshmen:
  • Brush up on interview skills: Before a job interview, research the company, consult our Guide to Interviewing and practice answering interview questions on the web-based platform, Big Interview.
  • Prepare your hiring documents: New hires must present Employment Eligibility & Identification documents to be hired at the University and elsewhere.
  • Arrange direct deposit: The University and most local employers require direct deposit of payroll funds. Please have your bank routing and account numbers ready to share.
  • Starting a campus job: If you receive a job offer on the MU campus, please consult the Starting to Work section of our Working On Campus web page and follow the steps to complete your hiring.

Career & Major Exploration

The Career Center staff is excited to work­ with students exploring their major and career options. Below are some resources that can assist you during this process.

  • Focus 2: The MU Career Center offers self-assessments, including Focus 2, that enable you to search for occupations and majors that fit with your interests, values, skills, and personality. We encourage students to take Focus 2 and then discuss your results with one of our Career Specialists.
  • Majors@Mizzou: This site features in-depth information about Mizzou Majors, including career paths, requirements for degree programs and links to department websites.
  • Students may explore career paths by accessing thousands of videos. Short clips highlight industry professionals sharing job descriptions, backgrounds and career advice. 
  • Career Interests Game: This interactive game is designed to help you match your interests and skills with similar majors and careers.
  • Discovery Center: This newly created office provides academic direction and support to undergraduate students who are exploring multiple academic pathways. The advisor and student work together to find a fit between the student’s interests and abilities and what the university has to offer.
  • What Can I Do with This Major?: This site shows connections between majors and typical career paths and hiring employers, highlights occupational outlooks, lists related professional groups and more.
  • SSC 1150 DISCOVER class: A 2-credit hour class taught by Student Success Center staff for incoming undeclared and exploring majors. Course topics focus on both academic success as well as major exploration and career information.
  • SSC 2100 Career Explorations class: A 1-credit hour class taught by MU Career Center staff intended for students exploring majors and those unsure what to do with a major. Multiple sections are offered to students in any major at any point in their journey of self-exploration and career “decidedness.”

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We are excited to welcome new students and support you with in your career exploration and career readiness! We are available for online, phone or email consultations: Connect with Our Staff.