Interview Preparation

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One-on-One Advisement

You can meet one-on-one with a Career Specialist either in person or via Zoom to prepare for your interview. Whether you are interviewing for a part-time job, internship or a full-time position, our staff can assist you and provide helpful resources. Career Specialists:

  • Ask sample questions and provide feedback
  • Share commonly asked questions
  • Show how to conduct company research
  • Explain different interview formats (online vs. in person)
  • Discuss professional interview attire and dining etiquette
  • Highlight attributes employers are seeking in candidates
  • Boost your knowledge and confidence going into an interview!

Reflect on Your Goals, Interests, Abilities

Self-reflection is critical for a good interview. Thinking about your skills, interests and strengths will help you articulate this to the employer.

  • Think about your long term goals, past experiences, and how the position connects the two
  • Practice answering questions to build your confidence and interview skills
  • Prepare thoughtful questions to ask the employer to demonstrate your knowledge about the position, company, and its culture
  • Have specific examples of tasks, accomplishments and leadership roles that you can share

Research the Company

Utilize your contacts and go online to learn everything you can about the employer.

  • Company directories and insider websites such as
  • employer directory
  • Company website (Mission, About, Careers, Annual Report, etc.)
  • Company rankings (Fortune, Forbes, Working Mother, etc.)
  • Company and recruiter LinkedIn or Facebook pages
  • Current employees, alumni and college professors
  • Chambers of Commerce, Better Business Bureau
  • Trade or business journals (Business Week, Wall Street Journal, etc.)

Find Out With Whom You Are Interviewing

Know the interviewer’s name and how to pronounce it. You should use Mr. or Ms. upon introduction. Also, if possible find out if the interview is with one person or if it is a panel or group setting.