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  • Taking an Online Class over the Summer

    In a recent blog, we discussed the importance of students maximizing their summers through different avenues such as part-time jobs, internships, and taking classes. Today, we will focus on students taking summer classes. Summer is the perfect time to either… Read More

  • Train Like a Pro

    In  the midst of Stanley Cup it’s easy to get caught up in idolizing the incredible athletes that grace our televisions each week.  What we often forget is that they are humans too and that they have career troubles just… Read More

  • Maximize Your Summer

    As June kicks off and summer session begins at MU, students are likely finally getting into their summer routines. Whether it be summer classes, a part-time job, or an internship, everyone should be taking advantage of this time for personal… Read More

  • Grow Your Career

    While doing research on “Career Growth”, I found an article with this advice: “If you want to grow in your career, you can’t be complacent,” and those words have been circulating in my head for quite… Read More

  • National Student Employment Week

    This week is National Student Employment Week— a week where colleges and students across the country recognize the importance of student employees. Students are vital to the life and atmosphere of Mizzou’s campus and the downtown area. Many business and… Read More

  • Career Readiness

    The end of the semester is nearing, but it is not too late to be career ready! “What does it mean to be career ready?” you may be wondering. The National Association of College and Employers… Read More

  • Choosing Both Rest & Producitivity

    Spring Break is days away and we could not be happier! I am sure you have plans to not make plans and that is perfectly okay because you are a hard-working student and rest is completely necessary! Let me also… Read More

  • Celebrating Women's Accomplishments

    Happy March and Happy Women’s History Month! All the way from Ada Lovelace to Malala Yousafzai, there have been tons of influential women that have sparked a plethora of change throughout our world. Let’s take a look at how women… Read More

  • What Is Professionalism?

    This week, I went around and asked a few people this question, “What is professionalism?” And here are the answers I got: “The first thing that comes to mind is putting your best foot forward during hard times—remaining calm.” -Molly… Read More

  • Online Image

    When looking for a job, a lot of the time we focus on our outward image— how to present ourselves to an employer, how to write a well-crafted resume and how to act in a professional manner. Just as important… Read More

  • Office of Service Learning & MU Serves

    Hey Tigers! Here is an interview with Elliot DeNard, a sophomore Business major, discussing his experience taking a service learning course where he volunteers at Derby Ridge Elementary. How are you involved with the Office of Service Learning (OSL)? This… Read More

  • Black History Month - Let’s Talk About Us/Race

    As the end of Black History Month approaches, it is important that we discuss the elephant in the room. Race. As often as it is attempted to be ignored, the topic of race is, and must be, addressed. No matter… Read More

  • LOVE Your Career

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we thought it would be nice to talk about loving your career. I know sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to find a career path that you feel good about, but I… Read More

  • Career Fair: Conformity vs Self-Expression

    When most people think of business professional, they think of solid colors, closed-toed shoes, navys, blacks and grays. I oftentimes hear people struggling between conforming for the sake of landing a job versus taking a few creative risks to display… Read More

  • Career Tool Spotlight: Handshake

    One week into Spring Semester– how is everyone feeling? Hopefully you all are feeling good and ready to tackle your academics with confidence! If not, that is okay too. I do however, have some exciting and informative news for you. Read More

  • Job Search Boot Camp Takeaways

    On Friday January 18th, the Career Center hosted a Job Search “Boot Camp” for students interested in learning more about taking the next step in their future careers. They heard from Dr. Pat Okker, Dean of the College of Arts… Read More

  • Resolutions for a New, Productive Year!

    Happy 2019 Tigers! After each New Year’s holiday most people take time to do some reflection and make some resolutions to improve or enhance their lives. put together a helpful list of six items for college students to try out… Read More

  • Managing Stress

    Having trouble with stress? Listen to Kelly McGonigal talk about making stress your ally and using it to your advantage. Stress can have negative effects, but it can also energize you to take action and get things done. During stressful… Read More

  • J Students: We are here to help!

    Are you a Journalism student in need of assistance during your journey in the J School? Do you need help looking for jobs and/or internships? Meet Brianna Chatmon and Olivia Jacobson, our Journalism Career Services team, who are here to… Read More

  • Want to Be an Entrepreneur?

    Entrepreneurship, as defined by, is “the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit”.  At Mizzou, there are many great opportunities for young aspiring creatives– people who want to take… Read More

  • Hanging at Home for the Holidays

    Thanksgiving break is right around the corner and we all know what that means… endless questions from family members about what classes we are taking, what we are going to do with our lives and how we plan to use… Read More

  • Veterans Day and Military Opportunities

    In honor of Veterans Day on Monday, I thought it would be nice to talk about Veterans Day and how it came to be. Veterans Day was created to commemorate the end of World War I on November 11, 1919. Read More

  • Featured Women Leaders: Aliyah Gillespie

    In October we celebrated National Business Women’s Week and the Career Center reached out to several female campus leaders to ask about their experiences and seek out their advice. Today we feature junior Aliyah Gillespie, a Health Sciences… Read More

  • Featured Women Leaders: Tiera Montgomery

    In October we celebrated National Business Women’s Week and the Career Center reached out to several female campus leaders to ask about their experiences and seek out their advice. Today we feature senior Tiera Montgomery, a Strategic Communications… Read More

  • Applications Don’t Have to Be Scary

    In the spirit of Halloween, we are going to be talking about applications and how the process can sometimes be a little spooky. As college students, we are constantly on the lookout for jobs, internships and graduate schools. We are… Read More

  • Guide to Employer Communication

    Here at the MU Career Center, we are continuously updating our materials to ensure we are always providing students with the most accurate information possible. We recently did just that with our “Cover Letter” and “Thank You… Read More

  • Specialist Spotlight Manuela Kalamboukas

    Meet MU Career Specialist Supervisor, Manuela Kalamboukas. Listen to her chat about working at the Career Center and how it benefits her as a student. Come to the MU Career Center to meet with Manuela for help with resumes, CliftonStrengths,… Read More

  • National Business Women’s Week Spotlight: Darling Magazine – Seriously

    In honor of National Business Women’s Week, I want to highlight an article from one of my favorite magazines. Darling Magazine is a magazine dedicated to celebrating women and challenging cultural ideals of beauty. The article below titled, Seriously Women… Read More

  • Diversity and Inclusivity: Why Should I Care?

    This week’s blog post is about diversity and inclusivity. You have probably heard these words before in classes, clubs, organizations or your workplace. When most people think of diversity and inclusivity, they think of issues surrounding race because that is… Read More

  • Don’t Stress, You Can Pass Your Test!

    What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you hear “exam”? Stress? Study? Pass? For me, it’s all of the above. To be completely honest, I didn’t really get the true experience of exam week my freshman year. Read More

  • Diving Deeper into Your Job Search

    Making connections is an essential part of getting the career you want. Not only do connections lead you to new job opportunities, making connections can be fun and exciting! Most people, simply search for jobs online, apply to them and… Read More

  • Fall Fest 2018 Vlog

    Want to learn a little bit more about getting involved at Mizzou? Check out the MU Career Center’s Fall Fest 2018 Vlog to see how you can learn more about yourself and what’s out there through getting involved. Take… Read More

  • Karen Hayes Interview

     Meet Karen Hayes! Get some advice from one of the advisors on campus and understand why she sends her students to the Student Success Center and how resourceful it… Read More

  • Career Counselor Spotlight - Christopher Lewis

     Meet Career Counselor Christopher Lewis! In this video, he discusses the benefits of students meeting with career counselors and how it helps them solidify their career paths! Come the… Read More

  • Personal Self-Assessment

    In the previous blog post, I talked about academic self-reflection and how to bounce back from your first round of exams. For this post, I am going to talk about more than just your educational achievement and focus on your… Read More

  • Academic Self Assessment

    For most of you, it is likely that you have gone through your first round of exams this year. Congratulations, you made it! Although you may not feel great, a great practice to get into is self-reflection. Prepare yourself for… Read More

  • Navigating the Career Fair

    One of THE BEST ways to learn about careers and future job opportunities at Mizzou is attending one the many career fairs hosted by the different departments. In essence, career fairs are large expos where you get to walk around… Read More

  • Getting Involved: Theatre Audition Experience

    Hi! My name is Raynesha. I am a sophomore majoring in Journalism. I love to write, to blog, to create videos, but secretly, I love to perform. Last year, I was in a Fine Arts course called “Theatre In Society”. Read More

  • First Week Jitters: Sophomore Edition

    As a first-year college student, you could say there were a variety of emotions going through my head. I was nervous about classes, excited about getting involved and making new friends, stressing over purchasing textbooks and financial aid, but all… Read More

  • Why You Should Be a Career Specialist!

    Hi. My name is Brooke Bassett and I have been working at the MU Career Center for close to a year now and I absolutely love it. I found out about this job through my small group leader when I… Read More

  • Exploration: Columbia & Careers || Part 2

    This is a continuation of a previous blog post about exploring all Columbia has to offer while you are in school here at Mizzou! For the studious ones|| The Grind Coffee House: The Grind is a great spot to… Read More

  • Exploration: Columbia & Career || Part 1

    As an incoming freshman, you’re probably wondering: What is there to do in Columbia, Missouri? How can I try new things, meet new people and network all at once? Well my friends, here is your very own virtual tour guide… Read More

  • Turn Your Internship Into a Full-Time Job!

    We are staying busy at the Career Center this summer tackling new projects, programs and welcoming new students to campus! So rather than writing our own posts, we’ll be sourcing some great content from career advisors and bloggers on the… Read More

  • Making the Most of Summer: Informational Interviews

    Now that the rush of the school year has subsided you should make the most of your summer by doing a little career planning. Whether you are taking classes, relaxing poolside, or working hard at an internship or summer job,… Read More

  • Using Technology to Find your Career "Fit"

    In career services we often talk about how college students and recent graduates need to find the right “fit”: A career where your unique skills, experiences, interests and values closely match with that of your position and hiring organization. There’s… Read More

  • Grad School Application Timeline: Part 3

    Application Submission Congrats for getting to this stage with all (or most) of your well-done materials! Now it’s the time to submit the applications and begin waiting for interview invitations!… Read More

  • Graduate School Application Timeline: Part 2

    Application Prep Congrats on finally coming up with a list of prospective programs! You may think back and forth every day and it’s totally normal to feel hesitated! If any new information pops up,… Read More

  • Grad School Application Timeline: Part 1

    Start Early. If you are planning to go to graduate school, it’s best to start EARLY—it will give the school plenty of time to complete the administrative procedure and enable the program to… Read More

  • Pros and Cons of Going to Graduate School

    First of all, the pros and cons of getting a graduate degree can be very different depends on majors, career trends of certain professions, budget, locations, and other personal concerns. Here are just some… Read More

  • Should I Go to Grad School?

    You might have heard of “grad school” as a potential option after graduating from college. Before deciding whether to apply to grad school or not, here are three questions you may ask yourself first. Read More

  • Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

    Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace: Why does it matter? It’s likely that most college students have heard something about the importance of diversity in the workplace, but we might not have necessarily heard why this is important. How… Read More

  • “Professionalism” in the Workplace: What does this REALLY mean?

    We talk a lot about “professionalism” and how important it is for college students to learn how to be a “professional” in the workplace. However, we don’t always talk about what it really means, and many students are left with… Read More

  • Make the Most of Your Spring Break

    Spring is in full swing and you know what that means, time to find a summer internship, part-time job, or even your first full-time job post-graduation! Whether you’ll be lounging on the beach, exploring a new city, or enjoying a… Read More

  • Taking Care of Yourself and Your Career

    With all of the demands on college students (classes, work, organizations, service projects, and more), It seems almost impossible to make time to take care of yourself physically and emotionally while trying to meet them all.  Who has time for… Read More

  • Assisting International Students with Career Exploration

    International students may encounter more career barriers when they try to  get a job, select a major, or decide a career path due to the differences and concerns in culture, educational systems, and work eligibility. Based on the… Read More

  • 5 Steps for Making Your Job Search THAT Much Easier

    ‘Tis the season! You heard right, the job hunting season is now upon us! And whether you’ve been anticipating it or it’s snuck up on you, it is still majorly stressful. Between school, current jobs/internships and involvement in organizations the… Read More

  • "Killing" the Interview

    So you’ve landed the big interview at a company you really want to work for. Now what?  Interviews are a hugely stressful event because your performance is important and the outcome is uncertain – so here are a few tips to… Read More

  • Conquering The Career Fair

    It’s mid-March. You’re standing just outside the crowded Mizzou Arena, dressed in business professional attire, padfolio in hand. Hundreds of tables and people in suits stretch into the distance and the din of voices fills your ears. It’s a Career… Read More

  • Beating Text Anxiety

    The first round of exams for Spring Semester are wrapping up and signs of stress are visible everywhere: long lines at Starbucks, crammed study rooms, bloodshot eyes, and people napping in public spaces! Tests can be stressful: you want to… Read More

  • Laws of Attraction: Cover Letters Employers Will Adore

    It’s that time of year again! Time to shower that special someone with attention and love. That special someone? Well, your potential future employer of course! With summer and graduation just a few months away, now is the perfect time… Read More

  • What Employers Want

    February is Black History Month and throughout the 2018 Spring Semester we will celebrate things like Women’s History, Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage, Jewish Americans, LGBTQ Pride and more. You might ask yourself, should I care? Should I get involved? … Read More

  • Career Planning with Focus2

    As a first year student just finishing my first semester of college, it has become overwhelmingly apparent to me that I am not as certain about my future aspirations as I was once before. Coming into Mizzou I was undoubtedly… Read More

  • Take a Risk!

    The start of each year often focuses on resolutions but at the Career Center we are encouraged by the idea of taking (small) risks. Doing something new can lead you to cool people, places, and experiences that you never might… Read More

  • How to Kickstart the Semester Off Right

    Sadly, most good things have to come to an end and Winter Break is one of them. With that being said, here is a little go-to advice to start your semester off right. 1. Be Aware of Your Semester Demands… Read More

  • 5 Career Resolutions to Make 2018 Great!

    It’s a new year and everyone likes to talk about resolutions. There’s nothing wrong with tackling super ambitious fitness goals or bucket list items like learning to speak French, but maybe you can do something that’s a bit simpler and… Read More

  • 4 Steps To Bring You Career Cheer!

    Hopefully by now you have had a little time to unwind and relax from the close of fall semester.  And while the next 4 weeks will likely be full of good food, family, friends and a few Netflix binges it’s… Read More

  • 5 Simple Ways to De-stress!

    The semester is coming to a close and the pressure of academic deadlines and final exams can be overwhelming. The Career Center wants you to be successful and we suggest five simple coping strategies that can help you effectively deal… Read More

  • 10 Ways to Motivate You to Study!

    Now that we’re back from the Thanksgiving holiday, academics should be your primary focus heading into finals week. Most students have tests, papers, and projects looming in the next two weeks so your friends at the MU Career Center wanted… Read More

  • It's Time to Enroll!

    As we transition to November, what do you feel has been the scariest part of college, so far? The homework? The classes? What about early registration? It’s about time to start enrolling into your courses for next semester. Although it… Read More

  • Undeclared: How a Part-Time Job Helped Me Discover My Future Career

    In the summer of 2014, I turned 16 and began looking for my first job. Like most young people, I wanted a flexible job that was easy, convenient, and paid well. And I found it. I got a job as… Read More

  • Reflecting for Future Happiness

    Reflection is a common theme throughout life. As a junior in college, I’m always thinking back to a time when I was younger or when times were easier. I, also, ponder the things that I’ve learned in class and what… Read More

  • 5 Perks to Internships for College Graduates

    Getting experience is important aspect of any student’s time in college as it helps them build skills, develop references and refine their career goals. Internships are a great way to get hands-on experience and this article from the millennial networking… Read More

  • Freshmen "Reals"

    Victoria Zeyen Broadcast Journalism Hastings, MN Question: What is one thing you wish you knew before coming to Mizzou (college)? Answer: “I wish that I knew the reality of change and that’s it’s really real and it’s a lot different… Read More

  • Promote Yourself!

    You’ve been granted an interview opportunity and now you’re all over the internet looking up the best ways to ace it. Most people focus on the questions, but have you thought about who you’re up against? How are you going… Read More

  • 3 Steps for Interviewing Success

    Interviewing is definitely scary to think about. On the bright side the MU Career Center is here to help you! There are three things that you can do to help you kill your interview. 1. Study One way to feel… Read More

  • Get Involved!

    Line up, Tigers! It’s time to get involved! Do you know what’s the greatest part about getting connected here at Mizzou? There are so many varying organizations for all the different types of students here! The easiest way to figure… Read More

  • Make Your Move, Tiger!

    August 16th: the official time to move to Mizzou, then let the college life begin! My college experience started just a few days prior. Apparently, it wasn’t normal for freshmen to come before move-in day without a legit reason, so… Read More

  • Why Become a Career Specialist?

    Working at the MU Career Center has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I’ve learned so much in the past two years. I’ve learned so many things from career related tips to life lessons. I love… Read More

  • Tips to be a Successful Intern

    Landing an internship is the first step into the daunting world of work. Being prepared and rocking your internship can help make the next steps in the process a little less intimidating! Here are some tips and tricks that I… Read More

  • How To Save Money As a College Kid

    With paying for growing student loans, steep textbook expenses, and painful tuition costs, it’s no secret that college is expensive. Let’s be real, every college student is facing the struggle of being “a broke college kid.” No one should have… Read More

  • Resilience: Why it Matters!

    In a crazy week ahead of Spring Break that is full of stressors like exams, presentations and projects, this is a very timely topic to tackle.  The Career Center is talking about resilience which is the ability to effectively cope… Read More

  • Saving Face(book): A Guide on Tailoring Your Online Image

    It has never been more important to watch what you post online, especially if you are on the job market. According to CareerBuilder, upwards of 76% of recruiters are utilizing social media as a means to screen potential employees. It… Read More

  • Five Tips for Finding a Summer Internship

    Springtime is around the corner and that means it’s the perfect time to begin looking for summer internships. While the summer’s all about hanging out and enjoying your well-deserved free time, it’s also about using that spare time to build… Read More

  • Career Explorations & You

    The University of Missouri offers over 300 degree programs, which allows students a seemingly unlimited number of paths to take in terms of choosing a major. With so many options to choose from, it is natural that students may have… Read More

  • Fall in Love With Your LinkedIn Profile

    LinkedIn is easy to forget about, that is, until springtime hits and big buzzwords like “summer internship” and “graduation,” start to fill the classroom air. Here are five easy tips to fall in love with your LinkedIn profile this February,… Read More

  • Working Around Your GPA

    In college, it may sometimes feel like our GPA is a number that follows us around like a shadow. It can be a point of pride. But for many others, it’s a point of frustration. Maybe you’re not the best… Read More

  • End of Semester Reflection

    The close of the semester is always a time for finishing projects, studying for finals, and spending time with friends before the long break ahead. However, the close of the semester is also a chance to reflect upon all that… Read More

  • All About Mentors

    Having a mentor is an exciting part of your professional journey. A mentor is someone who is typically older than you, and is working in your desired career path. Mentors are a source of career advice, job opportunities and guidance. Read More

  • Specialist Spotlight - Lindsey Wilson

    We continue our Specialist Spotlight series with Lindsey Wilson! Lindsey is a senior at Mizzou studying psychology. How can students use the MU Career Center to help them find their career path? I feel like there are a lot… Read More

  • Networking for Tigers: How to Stand Out in an Oversaturated Job Market

    Congratulations on excelling in your academic career.  You are keeping your head more in your books instead of in the local bars (unless you’re studying for the bar…hehe) and you are maintaining a good grade point average.  So with all… Read More

  • 5 Habits to Start Now for a Lifetime of Well-Being

    The hectic lifestyles of college students can sometimes lead to bad habits: all-nighters, lots of caffeine, Netflix binges, etc. There’s nothing wrong with an Expresso on a late night or staying up a little to celebrate a friend’s birthday. But… Read More

  • Top 4 Tips for Effective Networking: Homecoming Edition

    Happy Homecoming, Tigers! As we celebrate this wonderful week with decorations, our parade and our football game (and so many other things), who would think you’d have time to build toward your career? Well now that Tigers from all over… Read More

  • Five Steps to Finding Your Major or Career Path

    Let’s be frank, finding a major and a career can be a pretty big task to handle. Some people just know right off the bat what they want to be, and others need a bit more time to figure everything… Read More

  • Top 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Part Time Job

    The start of the semester is the perfect time to be thinking about how to elevate each opportunity you have, and gain relevant experience for other areas of your life. Whether you landed an internship in town, or started working… Read More

  • Kierra J. Otis - Specialist Spotlight

    Kierra is a senior at Mizzou and will graduate in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Interdisciplinary Studies with an Emphasis in Women & Gender Studies. How can students use the MU Career Center to find… Read More

  • The 5 Do's and Dont's of Networking

    This fall, the Mizzou campus is bustling with lots of employer activity! We have a record number of employers attending career fairs, scheduling on-campus interviews, and hosting information sessions. To have a successful interaction, consult our brief list of Do’s… Read More

  • Don’t Empty Your Tank, Fuel Your Finals!

    Research shows there is a correlation between stress and poor academic performance. Some scientists find that things like meditation can have also a biological effect, positively impacting your brain and body. So while you should be focused on studying… Read More

  • Phone Interviews: Top 5 Tips & Tricks

    Phone interviews have become quite common and are dreaded across the nation by all applicants. Why interview us over the phone? Unfortunately it is convenient, that’s why – but let’s talk about phone interviews for a minute. I just had… Read More

  • Vote for Your Favorite MUCC MizMoment 2016

    [sexypolling id=”4″] Elizabeth Triplett Traveling to Nicaragua last winter with the Cornell Leadership Program was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in college so far. From learning about the coffee industry to helping a local family rebuild their… Read More

  • Lights. Camera. Awkward? Don’t let Skype Interviews Steal Your Star Power

    Hooray! You got an interview! But, plot twist; it’s a Skype interview! So, now you have to interview and add a layer of technology… and you’re going to be completely fine. While people may fear Skype interviews, Skype interviews can… Read More

  • If You’re a Student, You Should Have an E-Portfolio

    Sometimes, your resume and cover letter may not be good enough.  These documents are not necessarily representative of what one is capable of, especially in creative positions.  This isn’t suggesting that you should carry a folder containing all of your… Read More

  • Specialist Spotlight - Zaina Afrassiab

    We continue our Specialist Spotlight series with Zaina Afrassiab! Zaina is a senior at Mizzou studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and also earning a certificate in Human Resources. What are your top five Strengths from Strengths Quest?… Read More

  • Formula for success: 5 steps, 90 minutes, 1 week… repeat!

    Now that you are back from Spring Break, the end of the semester probably seems right around the corner! It’s a busy time of year but also remember that you can squeeze in a few minutes of fruitful career planning… Read More

  • Don’t Leave it to Luck!

    You don’t have to leave it to the luck of the Irish to be successful in your job or internship search.  Graduation is in just nine weeks away and summer will soon be here.  Don’t fret if your plans are… Read More

  • Careers in Fine Arts Profile: Anthony Glise

    The word ‘fascinating’ gets thrown around a lot, and many people are coined with the term.  For one to be truly fascinating, he/she must be virtuosic and dedicated to many fields and have insight on a variety of subjects and… Read More

  • Professionalism: Dress, Communication & Outlook

    In a day and age where standards, technology and protocol are consistently evolving words like professionalism can appear extremely relative, even unclear. There are so many what ifs and hypothetical situations that can make the lines that at one point… Read More

  • Interview Follow Up - The Do’s and Don’ts

    Following up after an interview is one of the most important steps you can take to distinguish yourself in the eyes of a hiring manager. Sending a personalized thank you note to the person you spoke with can help you… Read More

  • Specialist Spotlight - Leslie Howard

    Our Specialist Spotlight Series continues with Leslie Howard, a senior at Mizzou studying Journalism and Theatre! What are your strengths from StrengthsQuest? Individualization Developer Adaptability Communication Arranger How would you describe the environment of the MUCC? The MUCC… Read More

  • Summer Jobs Galore!

    Here we go again! Time to get on that summer job train. There are so many options available for summer jobs, but first, we need to answer some very important questions: 1. Where do you want to be?- Do you… Read More

  • Career Fairs: Top 10 Student Questions - Answered

    The University of Missouri campus is gearing up for a series of career fairs over the next few weeks! Here are your answers to the Top 10 career fair related questions. 1. Should I stand in a long line …and why are… Read More

  • Still Thinking About Graduate School?

    Still thinking about apply to graduate school? Here are a few more tips when you’re making the decision to apply to a graduate program: 4. Do your research We all have those schools in mind that we really want to… Read More

  • Thinking About Graduate School?

    Another two, three, four or even more years of education!? The thought of obtaining a graduate education isn’t for everyone.  But there are many others who are contemplating the idea, or have even decided that additional education is in the… Read More

  • Specialist Spotlight - Chelsey Krankeola

    Our Specialist Spotlight Series continues with Chelsey Krankeola, a graduate student at Mizzou studying Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Student Affairs. Why did you choose your major and what do you hope to do with it? I chose… Read More

  • A Few Notes About Student Travel

    Sometimes, you just need to go have an adventure. The school year can be stressful. You’re getting older and the world is at the tips of your fingertips. GO SEE IT! This summer, after teaching in Korea for a month,… Read More

  • Specialist Spotlight - Amy Schmidt

    Meet Career Specialist Supervisor, Amy Schmidt! Amy is a senior Business Marketing major at Mizzou. How can students utilize winter break for internship and job searching? The MU Career Center website is a great resource for students over winter… Read More

  • A Shorthand Guide to Finding Your Passion

    We’ve all heard the saying, “Do what you love,” and having a job that we look forward to everyday isn’t as far-fetched as many may think. The key to this is self-awareness, which is an important component to both personal… Read More

  • Specialist Spotlight - Sierra Clemetson

    We continue our Specialist Spotlight series with Sierra Clemetson! Sierra is a senior at Mizzou, majoring in Communication Science and Disorders and International Studies. What’s your major? I am a dual major in communication science disorders and international studies… Read More

  • Specialist Spotlight - Jonathan Hambacker

    We continue our Specialist Spotlight Series with Jonathan Hambacker! Jonathan is a senior at Mizzou, majoring in Journalism and Psychology. What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?  The most rewarding aspect of working here at the MU… Read More

  • Take Action by Gaining Experience

    Gaining experience in your area of interest is a great way to help make decisions. At the same time, any experience could lead you in a direction you never expected. I love textbooks. I love learning and theoretical conversations. I… Read More

  • Katherine Fang - Specialist Spotlight

    We continue with our Specialist Spotlight series with Katherine Fang, a junior psychology major. Katherine is originally from China and has always loved helping others — That’s how she found her home away from home at the Career Center! Read… Read More

  • Weaving Your Network

    “The question is not “How do you network?” but “When are you not networking?”. The answer to the latter is “You are not networking when you are sitting in an empty room by yourself disconnected from the rest of the… Read More

  • Mariah Brannan - Specialist Spotlight

    Meet Career Specialist Mariah Brannan! Mariah is a senior at Mizzou studying Journalism and International Studies. A thank you message from Mariah’s student, Madison Dorgan — “I enjoyed your help through out the semester and the motivation you gave me provided… Read More

  • Letters of Rec Without the Stress

    Asking for a letter of rec might feel like the most awkward thing since your unfortunate third grade haircut. It might make you nervous or you might feel like it’s unbalanced.  However, unlike your third grade haircut, asking for a… Read More

  • Specialist Spotlight - Brooke Gilland

    Meet Career Specialist Brooke Gilland! Brooke is a graduate studend pursuing a Master of Education in Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Career Counseling Psychology. What are the most important aspects of developing a professional relationship with professors?… Read More

  • Steering Your Career: The Essentials of Communication

    There are many steps one can take to find their career path.  The problem many students have is that they don’t necessarily know where to start.  It’s quite daunting, yet not as impossible as you might think.  There are so… Read More

  • Specialist Spotlight - Nick DeMatteo

    Meet Career Specialist, Nick DeMatteo! Nick is a sophomore Finance major at Mizzou. How do you prepare for potential career opportunities through communication? In terms of communication, I work on my professional development for 40 minutes to an hour… Read More

  • Don’t Get Catfished: Find Your Perfect Job and Avoid Creeps Online

    You’re young, restless and searching for your perfect [job] match. You’re not looking for some fake company to lure you in, promise you the world and then steal your credit card information (even worse). Just as the Internet provides quality… Read More

  • Specialist Spotlight - Nick Hathaway

    Meet Career Specialist Supervisor, Nick Hathaway! Nick is a senior Journalism major at Mizzou. How have your career goals changed since freshman year? They have exponentially changed. I’m a very adaptable and go with the flow person, and I… Read More

  • Career Fairs? You Got This. Five tips for a successful career fair experience.

    Career Fairs? You Got This. Five tips for a successful career fair experience. 1.) PREPARE PREAPRE PREPARE: You can prep for a career fair from your bed while wearing your pajamas between episodes of whatever television show you are binge watching. Read More

  • Specialist Spotlight - Jenna Rosenberger

    Meet Career Specialist Jenna Rosenberger! Jenna is a junior at Mizzou on the pre-dietetics tract. What are your Strengths? “Empathy. Includer. Input.Belief. Achiever” What’s the last book you read? “I’m currently reading “Wasted” for class, which is an autobiography about eating… Read More

  • Person + Environment

    People say they want to get a “good job,” but what does that mean? There are so many things that could constitute a “good job” and the qualifications are different for everybody. So, here’s the big question- how do you figure… Read More

  • Work at the Career Center: Play to Your Strengths!

    New to campus? Been here for a while? Love working on resumes? Don’t know anything about resumes? Want to help people? Need a job? Keep reading. The MU Career Center is looking to hire new Career Specialists! We are looking… Read More

  • A Little Study Abroad FAQ

    Have you considered study abroad? Here’s a little Q&A from a recently returned world traveler, Leslie Howard, who answers your most pressing questions! Question: Is studying abroad fun? Answer: Literally the most fun. Do it. Question: Am I required… Read More

  • August Part-Time Job Fair: Six Keys to Success

    The 2015 Part-Time Job Fair is less than three weeks away: August 27th!  All students are welcome to participate and while you can simply show up that day to the MizzouRec Complex it’s in your best interest to do a… Read More

  • Looking For a Part-Time Job?

    August is just around the corner and many of you will be beginning to, or already have been, searching for a job to start in the fall. As a Career Specialist, I have helped many MU students during this search… Read More

  • Professional Skills to Develop as a College Student and Young Professional

    The transition from being a college student to a full blown, real, grown-up is a tough one. Although this is a daunting task, working on these few skills listed below can help you tremendously in the long run, and make… Read More

  • 5 Fun Places to Beat Summer Boredom in CoMo

    Summers in Columbia can be relaxing, exciting, and tons of fun, but it’s easy to get in a rut of doing the same old things and going to the same old places. This is a list of unique places to… Read More

  • What To Do This Summer If You Don't Have an Internship

    Summer’s finally here, which means warm weather, no tests, no stress, and tons of free time, maybe too much free time. Maybe all your friends have interesting internships and you didn’t even apply for one. Or maybe you applied for… Read More

  • It's Okay Not To Know

    What are you going to do with your life?  The pivotal moment in your life will come when you will have to answer this question.  Contrary to popular belief, that time isn’t now.  Like many college students, I used to… Read More

  • Keep Your Cool, and Your Interview Will Rule

    There are a few rules of thumb that will help you stay cool calm and collected for interview success. Read these tips over so that you will look at act the part of professional and nail the interview! 1. Dress… Read More

  • Helping your fellow digital man

    My peers and I are growing up and shedding our underclassmen skin. We’ve all decided to strive towards being the professional, well-tailored business candidates we admire and we’re doing whatever we can to stand out. We’re creating blogs, personal sites,… Read More

  • Launch into Greatness

    Several years ago, my younger sister and I signed up to build catapults for the school science fair. The entire gym started laughing and whispering to each other when it was her turn to launch an egg across the gym. Read More

  • Study Abroad in Nagasaki

    Want to see new places? Try new things? Meet new people? If you answered “yes” to the previous questions, then study abroad might be just the thing for you! This last fall I was fortunate enough to live in Nagasaki, Japan… Read More

  • Build Your Professional Network

    Building a professional network is critical to every profession, whether in business or in other careers. It is important to build these connections early as it will help you grow and increase your chance of success. Here are some places… Read More

  • Step In through LinkedIn: It’s More Powerful than you Think

    You may not believe it (neither did I up till this past winter break), but every single day, LinkedIn users manage to land their dream jobs through this powerful professional online platform. They obtain job opening information from their LinkedIn… Read More

  • 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before a Career Fair

    Career fairs provide you a chance to gain a deeper insight into the company and the position you are interested in. In addition, it is a great chance for you to impress campus recruiters and make yourself stand out from… Read More

  • You Are What You Tweet: A Guide to Establishing an Online Image

    We all know Twitter is a great way to connect with friends and catch up on the latest updates, but what many don’t know is that Twitter is an excellent way to get ahead in the professional world. Here are… Read More

  • Make Professional Attire Your Second Skin

    You’re exactly who your potential employer is looking for.  But what your interviewer sees when you first walk through the door is up to you and it’s easy.  You just have to dress to match your exemplary qualifications. Be Comfortable… Read More

  • Where Mizzou Took Me

    Well, you’re here. You managed to breeze through high school and convinced your parents to shell out thousands of dollars for what can only be assumed as a college education. However, I’ve come to learn that going to college is… Read More

  • The Road Less Traveled

    I grew up in an intellectual family, where my grandfather is a Chinese literature scholar, my dad is a professor and my mom is a journal editor and Russian translator. Business was never a topic in my life and it… Read More

  • Applying to Graduate School: Getting Good Letters of Rec

    There are a lot of steps you have to take to get into graduate school including the all-important letters of recommendation. This may not seem that bad since your professors are the ones actually writing the letters, but you still… Read More

  • Applying to Graduate School: How to Obtain Good Letters of Recommendation

    There are many steps you have to take to get into graduate school including submitting several letters of recommendation.  This may not seem that bad since your professors are the ones actually writing the letters, but you still don’t want… Read More

  • Grad School from a Grad Student

    Lately it seems like I’ve been answering more and more questions from co-workers and friends about why I decided to attend grad school and how I went about the process. Since I have loved every moment of my grad school… Read More

  • Tips for a Creative Portfolio

    In preparing for graduation, there are only about a million thoughts and worries buzzing through a graduate’s head (including mine). In a creative position like my career path, one thing that can help ease your mind and help you stand… Read More

  • Why Experiential Learning Matters

    “Experiential Learning” is often referred to as learning by doing. It gives you the opportunity to use or gain knowledge in a different way than solely reading textbooks or listening to lectures. It’s often through “involvement” that we truly learn… Read More

  • 3 Things To Know About Finding a Part-Time Job

    Working a part-time job during school can be a really rewarding experience both financially, socially, and professionally. Here are some helpful resources to help you land a great part-time job during your time at Mizzou! Get Online is a… Read More

  • What NOT to Do On Your First Day at Work

    Let’s get this straight: you earned that college degree, you moved yourself out of your mother’s basement, and you nailed that job interview. So far, things are looking pretty good. However, there is still a lot that goes into keeping… Read More

  • What Are You Worth?

    Ever read a job description asking you to “include your salary requirements”? Did you immediately think to yourself, I have NO idea what I should be asking for?  While you might feel like you are an invaluable asset, the fact… Read More

  • What the Facebook?!

    The folks at Facebook clearly have some time on their hands! The ever-changing privacy settings have been baffling users for a few years now and they show no sign of stopping. The latest “update” removes the option to be unsearchable… Read More

  • Job Search is Like Dating

    It’s time to put yourself out there. You want to find that connection, that storied spark. You are tired of settling and ready to put in the effort to find the right fit. You want to get that first-time feeling… Read More

  • Resume Blunders

    If you include information about time spent in jail for assaulting a former boss on your resume, I wouldn’t spend time waiting by the phone to get a call for an interview. It is very important to make a first… Read More

  • Avoiding Sketchy Jobs and Internships

    This time of year you start seeing fliers posted around campus stating things like “You can earn $10,000 this summer.”  While that sounds amazing, ususally things that sound too good to be true are just that – not real! To… Read More