Exploring Careers & Majors

  • Train Like a Pro

    In  the midst of Stanley Cup it’s easy to get caught up in idolizing the incredible athletes that grace our televisions each week.  What we often forget is that they are humans too and that they have career troubles just… Read More

  • Hanging at Home for the Holidays

    Thanksgiving break is right around the corner and we all know what that means… endless questions from family members about what classes we are taking, what we are going to do with our lives and how we plan to use… Read More

  • Personal Self-Assessment

    In the previous blog post, I talked about academic self-reflection and how to bounce back from your first round of exams. For this post, I am going to talk about more than just your educational achievement and focus on your… Read More

  • Exploration: Columbia & Career || Part 1

    As an incoming freshman, you’re probably wondering: What is there to do in Columbia, Missouri? How can I try new things, meet new people and network all at once? Well my friends, here is your very own virtual tour guide… Read More

  • Making the Most of Summer: Informational Interviews

    Now that the rush of the school year has subsided you should make the most of your summer by doing a little career planning. Whether you are taking classes, relaxing poolside, or working hard at an internship or summer job,… Read More

  • Assisting International Students with Career Exploration

    International students may encounter more career barriers when they try to  get a job, select a major, or decide a career path due to the differences and concerns in culture, educational systems, and work eligibility. Based on the… Read More

  • Career Planning with Focus2

    As a first year student just finishing my first semester of college, it has become overwhelmingly apparent to me that I am not as certain about my future aspirations as I was once before. Coming into Mizzou I was undoubtedly… Read More

  • Reflecting for Future Happiness

    Reflection is a common theme throughout life. As a junior in college, I’m always thinking back to a time when I was younger or when times were easier. I, also, ponder the things that I’ve learned in class and what… Read More