Making the Most of Summer: Informational Interviews

Now that the rush of the school year has subsided you should make the most of your summer by doing a little career planning. Whether you are taking classes, relaxing poolside, or working hard at an internship or summer job, this is a perfect time to create new networking contacts and reach out to professionals to learn about work options.

Informational interviews are NOT job interviews. They are all about learning about someone’s role and career path that seems of genuine interest to you. It’s an authentic, sincere conversation where you can determine what sort of career paths are possible and what kinds of work resonate with you. You drive the interview with the questions you are most curious about, so you have to prepare in advance.

The video above (developed by the Standford Life Design Lab) further explains what an information interview is and how to to do it well!  It’s definitely worth watching the 3 minute clip. I highly encourage all Mizzou students to think of one person or professional role they could reach out to and conduct at least one informational interview this summer. Alumni make great potential contacts well as family friends or recommendations from teachers and supervisors. If you are really struggling to find an informational interview lead, then reach out the MU Career Center for help!

Once you try informational interviewing you’ll see that’s it’s a wonderful way to learn more about career options, refine your career plans, and build new connections.