Sending Resumes Online

Click the button to access additional resume resources like the Guide to Resumes, School/Major sample resumes, and more.

Click the button to access additional resume resources.


Sending as an Attachment

Send your resume as a PDF document. We also recommend that you attach a cover letter and include a brief email message introducing yourself and  your interest in the position.

Uploading to an Online Application System

Many companies use large applicant tracking systems (ATS) to screen candidates. When uploading your document online, avoid a document template, keep your formatting simple, and make sure your resume highlights skills, industry language, and matching experience. You should always follow the system rules when applying to a position, but still continue to network and follow up directly with the employer. (powered by Handshake)

You may upload your documents on and submit your resume directly to employers through the the site.  Additionally you may turn your profile and resume “on” so it is visible to employers who are searching for candidates. Just make sure your resume is regularly updated.


  • Think keywords: Emphasize important words from a job description or company. If there are catch phrases or words that are popular in your field that describe experiences and skills you have, include them. Your resume is more likely to be selected this way.
  • Less is more: Use simple fonts and bullet points. Stick to fonts such as Arial, Georgia, Impact, Courier, Lucinda, Tahoma or Trebuchet, and use black or dark colors.
  • Use proper spacing: Gaps between lines allow the computer to recognize where a topic ends and another begins.