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  • Online Image

    When looking for a job, a lot of the time we focus on our outward image— how to present ourselves to an employer, how to write a well-crafted resume and how to act in a professional manner. Just as important… Read More

  • 5 Career Resolutions to Make 2018 Great!

    It’s a new year and everyone likes to talk about resolutions. There’s nothing wrong with tackling super ambitious fitness goals or bucket list items like learning to speak French, but maybe you can do something that’s a bit simpler and… Read More

  • 4 Steps To Bring You Career Cheer!

    Hopefully by now you have had a little time to unwind and relax from the close of fall semester.  And while the next 4 weeks will likely be full of good food, family, friends and a few Netflix binges it’s… Read More

  • Saving Face(book): A Guide on Tailoring Your Online Image

    It has never been more important to watch what you post online, especially if you are on the job market. According to CareerBuilder, upwards of 76% of recruiters are utilizing social media as a means to screen potential employees. It… Read More

  • Fall in Love With Your LinkedIn Profile

    LinkedIn is easy to forget about, that is, until springtime hits and big buzzwords like “summer internship” and “graduation,” start to fill the classroom air. Here are five easy tips to fall in love with your LinkedIn profile this February,… Read More

  • Formula for success: 5 steps, 90 minutes, 1 week… repeat!

    Now that you are back from Spring Break, the end of the semester probably seems right around the corner! It’s a busy time of year but also remember that you can squeeze in a few minutes of fruitful career planning… Read More

  • Helping your fellow digital man

    My peers and I are growing up and shedding our underclassmen skin. We’ve all decided to strive towards being the professional, well-tailored business candidates we admire and we’re doing whatever we can to stand out. We’re creating blogs, personal sites,… Read More

  • Step In through LinkedIn: It’s More Powerful than you Think

    You may not believe it (neither did I up till this past winter break), but every single day, LinkedIn users manage to land their dream jobs through this powerful professional online platform. They obtain job opening information from their LinkedIn… Read More

  • You Are What You Tweet: A Guide to Establishing an Online Image

    We all know Twitter is a great way to connect with friends and catch up on the latest updates, but what many don’t know is that Twitter is an excellent way to get ahead in the professional world. Here are… Read More

  • What the Facebook?!

    The folks at Facebook clearly have some time on their hands! The ever-changing privacy settings have been baffling users for a few years now and they show no sign of stopping. The latest “update” removes the option to be unsearchable… Read More