Cherry on Top

  • Celebrating Women's Accomplishments

    Happy March and Happy Women’s History Month! All the way from Ada Lovelace to Malala Yousafzai, there have been tons of influential women that have sparked a plethora of change throughout our world. Let’s take a look at how women… Read More

  • Black History Month - Let’s Talk About Us/Race

    As the end of Black History Month approaches, it is important that we discuss the elephant in the room. Race. As often as it is attempted to be ignored, the topic of race is, and must be, addressed. No matter… Read More

  • LOVE Your Career

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we thought it would be nice to talk about loving your career. I know sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to find a career path that you feel good about, but I… Read More

  • J Students: We are here to help!

    Are you a Journalism student in need of assistance during your journey in the J School? Do you need help looking for jobs and/or internships? Meet Brianna Chatmon and Olivia Jacobson, our Journalism Career Services team, who are here to… Read More

  • Want to Be an Entrepreneur?

    Entrepreneurship, as defined by, is “the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit”.  At Mizzou, there are many great opportunities for young aspiring creatives– people who want to take… Read More

  • Veterans Day and Military Opportunities

    In honor of Veterans Day on Monday, I thought it would be nice to talk about Veterans Day and how it came to be. Veterans Day was created to commemorate the end of World War I on November 11, 1919. Read More

  • National Business Women’s Week Spotlight: Darling Magazine – Seriously

    In honor of National Business Women’s Week, I want to highlight an article from one of my favorite magazines. Darling Magazine is a magazine dedicated to celebrating women and challenging cultural ideals of beauty. The article below titled, Seriously Women… Read More

  • Diversity and Inclusivity: Why Should I Care?

    This week’s blog post is about diversity and inclusivity. You have probably heard these words before in classes, clubs, organizations or your workplace. When most people think of diversity and inclusivity, they think of issues surrounding race because that is… Read More

  • Exploration: Columbia & Careers || Part 2

    This is a continuation of a previous blog post about exploring all Columbia has to offer while you are in school here at Mizzou! For the studious ones|| The Grind Coffee House: The Grind is a great spot to… Read More

  • Exploration: Columbia & Career || Part 1

    As an incoming freshman, you’re probably wondering: What is there to do in Columbia, Missouri? How can I try new things, meet new people and network all at once? Well my friends, here is your very own virtual tour guide… Read More

  • What Employers Want

    February is Black History Month and throughout the 2018 Spring Semester we will celebrate things like Women’s History, Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage, Jewish Americans, LGBTQ Pride and more. You might ask yourself, should I care? Should I get involved? … Read More

  • How to Kickstart the Semester Off Right

    Sadly, most good things have to come to an end and Winter Break is one of them. With that being said, here is a little go-to advice to start your semester off right. 1. Be Aware of Your Semester Demands… Read More

  • 5 Simple Ways to De-stress!

    The semester is coming to a close and the pressure of academic deadlines and final exams can be overwhelming. The Career Center wants you to be successful and we suggest five simple coping strategies that can help you effectively deal… Read More

  • 10 Ways to Motivate You to Study!

    Now that we’re back from the Thanksgiving holiday, academics should be your primary focus heading into finals week. Most students have tests, papers, and projects looming in the next two weeks so your friends at the MU Career Center wanted… Read More

  • It's Time to Enroll!

    As we transition to November, what do you feel has been the scariest part of college, so far? The homework? The classes? What about early registration? It’s about time to start enrolling into your courses for next semester. Although it… Read More

  • Reflecting for Future Happiness

    Reflection is a common theme throughout life. As a junior in college, I’m always thinking back to a time when I was younger or when times were easier. I, also, ponder the things that I’ve learned in class and what… Read More

  • Resilience: Why it Matters!

    In a crazy week ahead of Spring Break that is full of stressors like exams, presentations and projects, this is a very timely topic to tackle.  The Career Center is talking about resilience which is the ability to effectively cope… Read More

  • 5 Habits to Start Now for a Lifetime of Well-Being

    The hectic lifestyles of college students can sometimes lead to bad habits: all-nighters, lots of caffeine, Netflix binges, etc. There’s nothing wrong with an Expresso on a late night or staying up a little to celebrate a friend’s birthday. But… Read More

  • Don’t Empty Your Tank, Fuel Your Finals!

    Research shows there is a correlation between stress and poor academic performance. Some scientists find that things like meditation can have also a biological effect, positively impacting your brain and body. So while you should be focused on studying… Read More

  • A Little Study Abroad FAQ

    Have you considered study abroad? Here’s a little Q&A from a recently returned world traveler, Leslie Howard, who answers your most pressing questions! Question: Is studying abroad fun? Answer: Literally the most fun. Do it. Question: Am I required… Read More

  • 5 Fun Places to Beat Summer Boredom in CoMo

    Summers in Columbia can be relaxing, exciting, and tons of fun, but it’s easy to get in a rut of doing the same old things and going to the same old places. This is a list of unique places to… Read More

  • Study Abroad in Nagasaki

    Want to see new places? Try new things? Meet new people? If you answered “yes” to the previous questions, then study abroad might be just the thing for you! This last fall I was fortunate enough to live in Nagasaki, Japan… Read More

  • Build Your Professional Network

    Building a professional network is critical to every profession, whether in business or in other careers. It is important to build these connections early as it will help you grow and increase your chance of success. Here are some places… Read More

  • Applying to Graduate School: Getting Good Letters of Rec

    There are a lot of steps you have to take to get into graduate school including the all-important letters of recommendation. This may not seem that bad since your professors are the ones actually writing the letters, but you still… Read More

  • Applying to Graduate School: How to Obtain Good Letters of Recommendation

    There are many steps you have to take to get into graduate school including submitting several letters of recommendation.  This may not seem that bad since your professors are the ones actually writing the letters, but you still don’t want… Read More

  • Grad School from a Grad Student

    Lately it seems like I’ve been answering more and more questions from co-workers and friends about why I decided to attend grad school and how I went about the process. Since I have loved every moment of my grad school… Read More

  • What Are You Worth?

    Ever read a job description asking you to “include your salary requirements”? Did you immediately think to yourself, I have NO idea what I should be asking for?  While you might feel like you are an invaluable asset, the fact… Read More