Q&A with a Career Specialist

Meet Autumn, one of our wonderful Career Specialist supervisors here at the MU Career Center. This summer, you can find her downstairs at the front desk, ready to help greet and advise you whether you stop by the office or drop-in via Zoom. We just celebrated Autumn’s graduation this May and are grateful to have her expertise and Career Center knowledge before she embarks on her career with the Entrepreneurial Service Group at RubinBrown LLP

Autumn is someone that staff describes as dependable, thoughtful and eager to share a smile and offer a helping hand.  Read below to learn more about Autumn and her experience as a Career Center supervisor.  

Q: What is your name?  
A: My name is Autumn White 

Q: What is your position?  
A: I am a supervisor at the MUCC   

 Q: How long have you been in this role and when did you start?  
A: I started in May 2022, so about 6 months, but was first hired as a Career Specialist in August 2020. 

 Q: What made you want to become a Career Specialist?  
A: I figured the resources and services we offer here would benefit me, so I saw an opportunity for a cool job that would benefit everyone involved.   

 Q: What is your favorite part about the job?  
A: The family community we have created here.  

 Q: What do you find unique about your job?  
A: The multitude of leadership opportunities that can be transferred to every major. 

 Q: What is your favorite thing about the MU Career Center?  
A: The gratitude students give us. 

 Q: What is one thing you think all students should know and/or use about the Career Center?   
A: If they are coming in for assistance, we do not require you to already have the answer or perfect documents. 

 Q: What have you learned from this job? Maybe what skills have you gained?  
A: Every person has context that has led them to these current positions. 

 Q: Any advice you would give to people who are either exploring career interests or even interested in becoming a Career Specialist?  
A: Understand that the journey goes beyond career search, it will transform into an overall self-development.   

Autumn was incredibly involved at Mizzou and is planning to use her accounting degree to lead a financial literacy program serving overlooked, urban neighborhoods. She is just one of the many talented student staff members you can meet in the Student Success Center this summer.  

The Career Center has both helpful people and resources to offer! Learn about how to connect with a Career Specialist here https://career.missouri.edu/connect or check out Hire Mizzou Tigers at https://hiremizzoutigers.com/ for any on campus job openings!