Career Outcomes: What do MU alumni do after graduation?


Over the past month we have posted alumni spotlights on Instagram and Twitter highlighting the experiences of diverse alumni and their career advice. And while we have more than 30 interesting and successful alums profiled, you might be thinking, “What about the rest of Mizzou alumni?”

For the past few years Mizzou has been conducting the Outcomes Survey, asking all graduating seniors about their post-grad plans. For the past three years we have published those results on the Career Outcomes website. And this January we will have results from the Class of 2020 included.

The interactive site allows you to see where alumni live, who employs them, what industries they go into, and where they continue their advanced studies. You can look at results for the campus and drill down by School/College. Overall, MU graduates are incredibly successful. Last year 92.7% of MU graduates has a successful career outcome 6 months after Spring graduation. (A successful outcome includes employment, military service and continuing education).

And for the Class of 2020 , those numbers seem to be holding firm. Despite the pandemic, graduates are finding jobs and pursuing graduate education. It may take them a little longer to secure employment, but they are finding success.

One other fun tool on the site is our industry graph which maps what majors go into what fields (see below). It’s a great way to show how different majors can lead to various career paths.  And our U.S. map graphic shows you where alums head after they graduate.  Just scroll over any interactive element and you can see the raw numbers of graduates in those locations, industries, institutions and places of employment.

The Career Outcomes site is a great source of information and is a clear indicator that earning your degree from Mizzou has real value and leads to positive outcomes. We can’t wait for you to add your success story!