• Career Tool Spotlight: Handshake

    One week into Spring Semester– how is everyone feeling? Hopefully you all are feeling good and ready to tackle your academics with confidence! If not, that is okay too. I do however, have some exciting and informative news for you. Read More

  • Job Search Boot Camp Takeaways

    On Friday January 18th, the Career Center hosted a Job Search “Boot Camp” for students interested in learning more about taking the next step in their future careers. They heard from Dr. Pat Okker, Dean of the College of Arts… Read More

  • Applications Don’t Have to Be Scary

    In the spirit of Halloween, we are going to be talking about applications and how the process can sometimes be a little spooky. As college students, we are constantly on the lookout for jobs, internships and graduate schools. We are… Read More

  • Diving Deeper into Your Job Search

    Making connections is an essential part of getting the career you want. Not only do connections lead you to new job opportunities, making connections can be fun and exciting! Most people, simply search for jobs online, apply to them and… Read More

  • Navigating the Career Fair

    One of THE BEST ways to learn about careers and future job opportunities at Mizzou is attending one the many career fairs hosted by the different departments. In essence, career fairs are large expos where you get to walk around… Read More

  • Why You Should Be a Career Specialist!

    Hi. My name is Brooke Bassett and I have been working at the MU Career Center for close to a year now and I absolutely love it. I found out about this job through my small group leader when I… Read More

  • Turn Your Internship Into a Full-Time Job!

    We are staying busy at the Career Center this summer tackling new projects, programs and welcoming new students to campus! So rather than writing our own posts, we’ll be sourcing some great content from career advisors and bloggers on the… Read More

  • Using Technology to Find your Career "Fit"

    In career services we often talk about how college students and recent graduates need to find the right “fit”: A career where your unique skills, experiences, interests and values closely match with that of your position and hiring organization. There’s… Read More

  • 5 Steps for Making Your Job Search THAT Much Easier

    ‘Tis the season! You heard right, the job hunting season is now upon us! And whether you’ve been anticipating it or it’s snuck up on you, it is still majorly stressful. Between school, current jobs/internships and involvement in organizations the… Read More

  • Laws of Attraction: Cover Letters Employers Will Adore

    It’s that time of year again! Time to shower that special someone with attention and love. That special someone? Well, your potential future employer of course! With summer and graduation just a few months away, now is the perfect time… Read More

  • 5 Career Resolutions to Make 2018 Great!

    It’s a new year and everyone likes to talk about resolutions. There’s nothing wrong with tackling super ambitious fitness goals or bucket list items like learning to speak French, but maybe you can do something that’s a bit simpler and… Read More

  • 4 Steps To Bring You Career Cheer!

    Hopefully by now you have had a little time to unwind and relax from the close of fall semester.  And while the next 4 weeks will likely be full of good food, family, friends and a few Netflix binges it’s… Read More

  • Five Tips for Finding a Summer Internship

    Springtime is around the corner and that means it’s the perfect time to begin looking for summer internships. While the summer’s all about hanging out and enjoying your well-deserved free time, it’s also about using that spare time to build… Read More

  • Summer Jobs Galore!

    Here we go again! Time to get on that summer job train. There are so many options available for summer jobs, but first, we need to answer some very important questions: 1. Where do you want to be?- Do you… Read More

  • Don’t Get Catfished: Find Your Perfect Job and Avoid Creeps Online

    You’re young, restless and searching for your perfect [job] match. You’re not looking for some fake company to lure you in, promise you the world and then steal your credit card information (even worse). Just as the Internet provides quality… Read More

  • Person + Environment

    People say they want to get a “good job,” but what does that mean? There are so many things that could constitute a “good job” and the qualifications are different for everybody. So, here’s the big question- how do you figure… Read More

  • Work at the Career Center: Play to Your Strengths!

    New to campus? Been here for a while? Love working on resumes? Don’t know anything about resumes? Want to help people? Need a job? Keep reading. The MU Career Center is looking to hire new Career Specialists! We are looking… Read More

  • August Part-Time Job Fair: Six Keys to Success

    The 2015 Part-Time Job Fair is less than three weeks away: August 27th!  All students are welcome to participate and while you can simply show up that day to the MizzouRec Complex it’s in your best interest to do a… Read More

  • Looking For a Part-Time Job?

    August is just around the corner and many of you will be beginning to, or already have been, searching for a job to start in the fall. As a Career Specialist, I have helped many MU students during this search… Read More

  • What To Do This Summer If You Don't Have an Internship

    Summer’s finally here, which means warm weather, no tests, no stress, and tons of free time, maybe too much free time. Maybe all your friends have interesting internships and you didn’t even apply for one. Or maybe you applied for… Read More

  • 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before a Career Fair

    Career fairs provide you a chance to gain a deeper insight into the company and the position you are interested in. In addition, it is a great chance for you to impress campus recruiters and make yourself stand out from… Read More

  • Tips for a Creative Portfolio

    In preparing for graduation, there are only about a million thoughts and worries buzzing through a graduate’s head (including mine). In a creative position like my career path, one thing that can help ease your mind and help you stand… Read More

  • 3 Things To Know About Finding a Part-Time Job

    Working a part-time job during school can be a really rewarding experience both financially, socially, and professionally. Here are some helpful resources to help you land a great part-time job during your time at Mizzou! Get Online is a… Read More

  • What NOT to Do On Your First Day at Work

    Let’s get this straight: you earned that college degree, you moved yourself out of your mother’s basement, and you nailed that job interview. So far, things are looking pretty good. However, there is still a lot that goes into keeping… Read More

  • Avoiding Sketchy Jobs and Internships

    This time of year you start seeing fliers posted around campus stating things like “You can earn $10,000 this summer.”  While that sounds amazing, ususally things that sound too good to be true are just that – not real! To… Read More