January Handshake Challenge: How Many Boxes Can You Check Off ?

In career services, we always think the career search is fun—but we understand that, when you’re juggling classes, social commitments, and extra-curriculars, it can feel like a chore! That’s why we like to break the journey to your next internship or job into fun, easy challenges. Consider this guide to improving your Handshake experience like a game of blackout BINGO. One box (“read a blog post”) is already checked… how many more can you complete?

Handshake Profile Bingo

1. Read an alumni review

Reading reviews of potential employers can help you learn more about the position you’re applying for, the company’s values, and what your day-to-day might look like if you’re hired. These reviews can also equip you with questions to ask during your interview!

2. Uploaded a resume

By uploading a resume (or several) to the “documents” section of your profile, you make it easy to apply to roles on Handshake—even from your phone using our Android and iOS app! Having a great resume on deck enables you to use our “Quick Apply” feature to many jobs, submitting your application in a few simple clicks.

3. Read a blog post

Consider this box checked off! But if you’re looking for more awesome blog content to guide your job and internship search, check out these reads:

4. Followed a new employer

By following employers you want to work for on Handshake, you’re improving your experience in two ways. First, you’re telling us which types of organizations you are interested in, so that we can bubble up more relevant recommendations for you in the future. Second, you’ll receive notifications whenever the employers you follow post new job opportunities and attend events at your school.

5. Used “Quick Apply”

This easy-to-use feature is exactly why you should always have a resume on your profile! Simply look out for the “Quick Apply” button on job and internship listings, and you’re a few clicks away from the path to getting hired.

6. Left a review of a past job (or internship)

Just like you can gain a lot by reading alumni reviews on Handshake, you can help other students and new grads learn about prospective employers and roles by reviewing your past work.

7. Saved a job

Just like following employers helps teach us which sort of companies you’d like to see more of, saving jobs helps us figure out which roles are right for you based on your history. Plus, when you save a job, you’ll get helpful reminders to apply before the deadline!

8. Got hired through Handshake

Have you received a job or internship through Handshake? Share your experience and advice with other students to help them along their career journey! Email us at stories@joinhandshake.com to be featured as one of our Handshake Success Stories on our blog and Instagram page.

9. Messaged a peer or recruiter

Before sending a message, you must make your profile visible to other students and alumni. To do this, go to the Settings & Privacy section of your profile and select the Community option. This also makes your profile visible to employers, so recruiters will be able to find you!