5 minutes to spare? 5 things to do on the Handshake app!

Handshake has always been a handy tool for students to find career opportunities and apply for jobs. Now, with the updated app, it is even easier than ever to find what you are looking for on the go! Whether you are waiting for the bus or just have time to kill, here are some tips and tricks to get the upper hand on the job search.

1. See what Career Content Creators are Saying

On the feed page, there are now many content creators making humorous and relatable career based content. These videos have good advice about how to manage your day-to-day tasks and offer advice on how to become more productive during your career search. Mizzou and the Career Center also have a page that posts helpful and quick tidbits about upcoming events happening on campus! 

2. Easily Quick Apply and Save Jobs

Searching for jobs has never been quicker on Handshake! Handshake will automatically show you fresh jobs that are personalized based on your career preferences. Mizzou also has a special search filter called “Mizzou Collections”. These jobs have been recommended by Mizzou’s Career Center specialists based on certain qualities such as: social impact, diversity inclusion, and hidden gems. There are thousands of jobs on Handshake, so using the filters can help narrow down your job search and help you find what you are looking for. 

3. Register for Career Events

On campus and off campus events can boost your career to the next level. Handshake is a great hub for finding these opportunities early, so that you can register and prepare in advance. There are a variety of events including, career fairs, networking events, scholarship opportunities, and career lectures. Some events are more casual, while others expect more formal clothing. If you ever need to borrow some formal clothes, Truman’s Closet has an abundance of styles and sizes to borrow from. 

4. Respond to your Handshake Email

Oftentimes, employees who are looking for a specific candidate, will send direct emails to let you know of positions or events that may appeal to you. This opens up a direct line to hiring managers and can allow you to apply before many applications roll in. Take advantage of these opportunities and make the first impression!

5. Update Your Profile

Recruiters want to see profiles that are up to date and show relevant experience. Take a second and make sure your profile accurately shows your career experience and goals. Another important thing to update is your interests! The more detail you put into your interest, the more accurate results you get in your feed. 

Handshake is constantly adding new career opportunities and events, so it is important to stay updated! College is the perfect time to put yourself out there, so take advantage of the time you have. 

Written by Ana Bailey