How To Tackle the Internship Search 

It might seem like all anyone talks about is internships! But where do you start and how do you get an internship? No need to worry, we are here to help. Use this guide to help you land your next internship and get real-world experience that employers love to see.  

What’s your why 

Start off by considering your why. Why are you looking to get an internship? Is it to improve your resume? Or maybe it’s to gain a new skill? It could even be to get a feel for a professional workplace setting or move towards a full-time position after the internship. Whether it’s for a summer or for a semester, knowing your ‘why’ will help you sort through internship offerings and get a better idea of what to look for. 

Make a list 

Do you want a remote internship for flexibility? Or do you thrive in an in-person setting? Is it paid or unpaid, and does that matter? There are many criteria that you can use to narrow down positions that will fulfill your needs. Consider location, time commitment, length of internship, responsibilities, and requirements. Additionally, if it is unpaid, consider the possible benefits of an internship and ask yourself if the position will really help you learn and grow, and if that value is higher than a need for compensation. Having a list of criteria will also help weed out offerings that won’t fit.  

Utilize online platforms 

Online platforms like LinkedIn and Handshake are a perfect place to start the internship search. Both outlets have hundreds of internship postings that you can filter through and sort! Take your time to really explore these postings and bookmark or save ones that might be worth applying to. 

Focus in on what really helps you 

The list of possibilities might be overwhelming but stop and ask yourself if a position is really going to help you. Will it help you learn a new skill or make connections in an industry you genuinely want to go into? You want your internship to be useful to your career path! This will help you put effort into only applying for what fits your needs. 

Do your research 

After finalizing a few options you want to apply for, investigate the companies online. Explore their websites and learn about what they do and if they feel like they’d be a good fit. Doing your research helps you learn about the position and company before going into an interview. This will also help you look prepared and professional while better informing your questions

during the interview process.  

Polish your resume 

Now that you know what internships you want to apply for, run through your resume. Update new experiences and relevant skills, and remember to be specific, descriptive, and throw in some quantitative results! Tailoring your resume to best reflect the intern description you’re applying for helps you stand out as a great fit for the employer. 

Go get that internship 

Apply, apply, apply! With your internship search down pat, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to apply for positions that best suit you and your career. 

As always, MU Career Center is here to help with anything internship related and much more to help you ace your interview and land your next position. Make an appointment or drop-in today to take your next steps towards your career goals.