• Career Readiness

    The end of the semester is nearing, but it is not too late to be career ready! “What does it mean to be career ready?” you may be wondering. The National Association of College and Employers… Read More

  • What Is Professionalism?

    This week, I went around and asked a few people this question, “What is professionalism?” And here are the answers I got: “The first thing that comes to mind is putting your best foot forward during hard times—remaining calm.” -Molly… Read More

  • Career Fair: Conformity vs Self-Expression

    When most people think of business professional, they think of solid colors, closed-toed shoes, navys, blacks and grays. I oftentimes hear people struggling between conforming for the sake of landing a job versus taking a few creative risks to display… Read More

  • Job Search Boot Camp Takeaways

    On Friday January 18th, the Career Center hosted a Job Search “Boot Camp” for students interested in learning more about taking the next step in their future careers. They heard from Dr. Pat Okker, Dean of the College of Arts… Read More

  • Guide to Employer Communication

    Here at the MU Career Center, we are continuously updating our materials to ensure we are always providing students with the most accurate information possible. We recently did just that with our “Cover Letter” and “Thank You… Read More

  • Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

    Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace: Why does it matter? It’s likely that most college students have heard something about the importance of diversity in the workplace, but we might not have necessarily heard why this is important. How… Read More

  • “Professionalism” in the Workplace: What does this REALLY mean?

    We talk a lot about “professionalism” and how important it is for college students to learn how to be a “professional” in the workplace. However, we don’t always talk about what it really means, and many students are left with… Read More

  • Make the Most of Your Spring Break

    Spring is in full swing and you know what that means, time to find a summer internship, part-time job, or even your first full-time job post-graduation! Whether you’ll be lounging on the beach, exploring a new city, or enjoying a… Read More

  • Conquering The Career Fair

    It’s mid-March. You’re standing just outside the crowded Mizzou Arena, dressed in business professional attire, padfolio in hand. Hundreds of tables and people in suits stretch into the distance and the din of voices fills your ears. It’s a Career… Read More

  • Laws of Attraction: Cover Letters Employers Will Adore

    It’s that time of year again! Time to shower that special someone with attention and love. That special someone? Well, your potential future employer of course! With summer and graduation just a few months away, now is the perfect time… Read More

  • All About Mentors

    Having a mentor is an exciting part of your professional journey. A mentor is someone who is typically older than you, and is working in your desired career path. Mentors are a source of career advice, job opportunities and guidance. Read More

  • Networking for Tigers: How to Stand Out in an Oversaturated Job Market

    Congratulations on excelling in your academic career.  You are keeping your head more in your books instead of in the local bars (unless you’re studying for the bar…hehe) and you are maintaining a good grade point average.  So with all… Read More

  • Top 4 Tips for Effective Networking: Homecoming Edition

    Happy Homecoming, Tigers! As we celebrate this wonderful week with decorations, our parade and our football game (and so many other things), who would think you’d have time to build toward your career? Well now that Tigers from all over… Read More

  • Top 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Part Time Job

    The start of the semester is the perfect time to be thinking about how to elevate each opportunity you have, and gain relevant experience for other areas of your life. Whether you landed an internship in town, or started working… Read More

  • The 5 Do's and Dont's of Networking

    This fall, the Mizzou campus is bustling with lots of employer activity! We have a record number of employers attending career fairs, scheduling on-campus interviews, and hosting information sessions. To have a successful interaction, consult our brief list of Do’s… Read More

  • If You’re a Student, You Should Have an E-Portfolio

    Sometimes, your resume and cover letter may not be good enough.  These documents are not necessarily representative of what one is capable of, especially in creative positions.  This isn’t suggesting that you should carry a folder containing all of your… Read More

  • Don’t Leave it to Luck!

    You don’t have to leave it to the luck of the Irish to be successful in your job or internship search.  Graduation is in just nine weeks away and summer will soon be here.  Don’t fret if your plans are… Read More

  • Professionalism: Dress, Communication & Outlook

    In a day and age where standards, technology and protocol are consistently evolving words like professionalism can appear extremely relative, even unclear. There are so many what ifs and hypothetical situations that can make the lines that at one point… Read More

  • Interview Follow Up - The Do’s and Don’ts

    Following up after an interview is one of the most important steps you can take to distinguish yourself in the eyes of a hiring manager. Sending a personalized thank you note to the person you spoke with can help you… Read More

  • Career Fairs: Top 10 Student Questions - Answered

    The University of Missouri campus is gearing up for a series of career fairs over the next few weeks! Here are your answers to the Top 10 career fair related questions. 1. Should I stand in a long line …and why are… Read More

  • Still Thinking About Graduate School?

    Still thinking about apply to graduate school? Here are a few more tips when you’re making the decision to apply to a graduate program: 4. Do your research We all have those schools in mind that we really want to… Read More

  • Thinking About Graduate School?

    Another two, three, four or even more years of education!? The thought of obtaining a graduate education isn’t for everyone.  But there are many others who are contemplating the idea, or have even decided that additional education is in the… Read More

  • A Shorthand Guide to Finding Your Passion

    We’ve all heard the saying, “Do what you love,” and having a job that we look forward to everyday isn’t as far-fetched as many may think. The key to this is self-awareness, which is an important component to both personal… Read More

  • Take Action by Gaining Experience

    Gaining experience in your area of interest is a great way to help make decisions. At the same time, any experience could lead you in a direction you never expected. I love textbooks. I love learning and theoretical conversations. I… Read More

  • Weaving Your Network

    “The question is not “How do you network?” but “When are you not networking?”. The answer to the latter is “You are not networking when you are sitting in an empty room by yourself disconnected from the rest of the… Read More

  • Letters of Rec Without the Stress

    Asking for a letter of rec might feel like the most awkward thing since your unfortunate third grade haircut. It might make you nervous or you might feel like it’s unbalanced.  However, unlike your third grade haircut, asking for a… Read More

  • Steering Your Career: The Essentials of Communication

    There are many steps one can take to find their career path.  The problem many students have is that they don’t necessarily know where to start.  It’s quite daunting, yet not as impossible as you might think.  There are so… Read More

  • Career Fairs? You Got This. Five tips for a successful career fair experience.

    Career Fairs? You Got This. Five tips for a successful career fair experience. 1.) PREPARE PREAPRE PREPARE: You can prep for a career fair from your bed while wearing your pajamas between episodes of whatever television show you are binge watching. Read More

  • Professional Skills to Develop as a College Student and Young Professional

    The transition from being a college student to a full blown, real, grown-up is a tough one. Although this is a daunting task, working on these few skills listed below can help you tremendously in the long run, and make… Read More

  • Resume Blunders

    If you include information about time spent in jail for assaulting a former boss on your resume, I wouldn’t spend time waiting by the phone to get a call for an interview. It is very important to make a first… Read More